Intuitive Hair – Day 49

My previous post has a comment by a friend of mine who says long hair increases intuition. I was very intrigued by this idea and I started doing some reading on my own. I read this really interesting article. Give it a read yourself and tell me what you think.

I haven’t cut my hair from December 2016 and it is around the length of my shoulder now. This is the longest I have ever grown my hair. There are quite a few changes that I actively recognize in my life but I never thought that this could be because I grew my hair/ I started doing stuff that I won’t normally do. I started meditating, I quit eating non veg, rather abruptly.

I stopped watching films. I have now stopped eating artificial sweets. I convinced myself that this was because my will power somehow got stronger? My will power has never been this strong for the past 24 years. Is it because I have always cut my hair at regular intervals ever since I was a kid? Is it because this is the longest I have ever been without cutting my hair?

They say hairs are extensions of our neural networks that extends from the spinal cord. Could this be true? If it is true, why are we cutting our hair?

It does sound a bit like psuedo science but what if its true?

Wow, this is a revelation. I am not going to cut my hair from now. Thanks for this insight Sharath.

Guys, please give this article a read.

Quantum Computing – Day 46

I attended a meetup at Thoughtworks Coimbatore today on Quantum Computing and Face Recognition / Detection. Quite intriguing, I tell you. I was first introduced to Quantum Computing in the year 2012, and Google’s D Wave was already churning Quantum information in the form of Quantum bits a.k.a Qubits. So unlike traditional /classical computers, quantum computers follow a totally different underlying hardware architecture. Instead of bits, these Quantum computers implement something called Qubits.

We all know how classical bits work. If there is a 1 bit computer (lol), we can have 2 possible states, either 0 or 1 at any given point of time. However, a 1 qubit quantum computer has 2 possible states all the time, i.e. until it is measured. It is a little counter intuitive at first, even I don’t fully understand it yet, but if you consider potential applications of this tech, it is literally mind boggling.

It is based on Quantum physics and borrows a lot from the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. What this principle states is until a given event (which has possible outcomes of 1 or 0) is observed, it is 1 and 0 at the same time. Once the event is observed, it then assumes either 1 or 0.

Now, what really interests me is the applications of Quantum entanglement. Suppose you take an entangled qubit and then you travel an infinite amount of distance. Theoretically, when you change on part of the entangled qubit from 0 to 1, the other should change accordingly depending on the intermediate quantum gate and channels used. So, theoretically the information between two entangled ions transfer instantaneously. Literally!

This defies the laws of fundamental physics and hence they lie in the Quantum realm. Einstein himself claimed Entanglement as ‘Spooky action at a distance’. Because, the information transferred between two entangled ions is FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Yes, you read that right!

Imagine the efficiency of information transfer that is achievable by using this tech! Imagine USB thumb drives of the future carrying 256 Qubits giving us instant access to the Quantum Internet, where all information is truly open, impregnable, fast and free!

P.S – 256 Qubits is a distant dream because the most sophisticated quantum computer just has 50 Qubits and it has to be stored in a super cold box that is extremely cold! Think of this tech as Vaccum tubes of the past before the invention of transistors and NAND gates. The future implications of this tech are tremendous! Read, research and prosper!

Brain Infiltration – Day 32

Humans are the only species who teach themselves to follow a certain set of rules. Bees, ants and so many other species learn stuff at birth as it is embedded in their DNA to do a particular thing in a particular way.

We however, do a multitude of things only after it has been taught to us. I couldn’t ride a bike or code when I was born. I was taught to ride a bike; coding I learned on my own. But this transfer of knowledge is not effective either. We tend to forget a lot of things over a period of time and usually over ride that information with something else. However, what if there was a way we could transfer all the information that we wish our children to know, when they are in the womb or better yet, even before they are inseminated.

This is a very complex process, but if this is achieved, Elon Musk’s idea of cyborgs could be totally ruled out. Humans would then be biologically equipped to do things that computers of this generations cannot (in terms of crunching data).

So how do we achieve this? Simple, we take a willing human subject that is ready for their kid to be the first in the super smart next generation of species. We may start with inserting a simple language into the human subject and then let him reproduce with another willing human subject who will also be inserted with the same language. The result could be an offspring that knows this particular language, effortlessly on birth.

I know this sounds like a very vague idea and I might be overreaching here, but hey, so did the wright brothers, am i right? A lot of bio hacking needs to be done to achieve this insane feat. A lot of tweaking in the human DNA and the genome, but if this actually works out, we can pump up the information from one language to all available information and data on the planet.

This might lead to the extinction of current generation dumb humans. These bio hacked artificially intelligent species will have some resemblance to a typical human offspring, which is any day better than robots ruling the world.

Source of Idea – Sapiens

DR – 8/10

Time Travel – Day 28

I remember a very specific idea discussed in college by a friend. He said that if we manage to travel faster than the speed of light, we can see the past. This is a very intriguing idea and its applications are limitless.

For starters, if you are watching a star in the night sky – Proxima Centauri around 4.24 light years away. This implies that it will take light 4.24 years from the star to reach earth, and the opposite holds true as well. It takes 4.24 light years for the light from earth to reach Proxima Centauri.

So hypothetically, if a planet like earth is present 10 light minutes away from Proxima Centauri, then that planet right this moment, can see what happened on earth, 4.24 years ago. So, if we do manage to travel instantly to Proxima Centauri, we could hypothetically solve all crimes that have happened for the past 4 years on planet earth.

“The farthest star we can see with our naked eye is V762 Cas in Cassiopeia at 16,308 light-years away.” – (Source : Google)

The applications do not stop here, imagine what anthropologists and historians could achieve with this feat. The implications on a sociopolitical level are enormous. Religions could either be banished or widely accepted with just a bit of research. Empires could be overthrown or made in a fortnight. We could then study how our ancestors lived and all their knowledge could be put to good use.

History however, tells us one more thing about discoveries. Whenever there is something positive, there is bound to be an equal and opposite negative. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Nuclear energy and the Nuclear weapon. Government scrutiny and stalking could go through the roof, that is if government’s exist. There would be no privacy for humans, at all. Imagine living every moment of your life knowing that someone somewhere can possibly see all that you are doing right this moment. The invention of tools to scramble data given out to space is admissible, but innovation only invites more innovation. With generic increase in security, the quality of hacking increases hand in hand.

The yin and the yang.

We are stuck in an eternal tug of war between good and bad in this cosmos, where winning is illusive, so is good and bad. One person’s good could be another’s bad.

In the grand scheme of things, there are no winner and losers. We are stuck in a zero sum game and the only way out is to play.

I sincerely hope you like playing.


P.S. – Apologies if this post ended in a gloomy way. Courtesy of a gloomy day.