Space and Kindness

I had a very bizarre dream today and I thought this should go on my journal to keep track of the dreams that I have.

The dream starts out with me being a part of a space agency and regularly flying out to Outer Space, just above the gravitation pull of earth. Coming back home, repeating the process within a couple of days. I think parts of this dream were taken from the film – First man.

This dream continues as I go on a pilgrimage with my family and while coming back, the rickshaw driver drops us to the space agency. When we try to pay the driver, he refuses saying he must not accept money from pilgrims. To make him accept money, all of us start chanting a particular line repeatedly till they accept our money – which goes as follows, “Vardani casmo naye deva deva”.

And I woke up. I quickly pulled my phone to check what the chant means but Google could not answer it. I do not even remember the chant now but I wrote it down because it is so bizarre.

I think I should start writing about these dreams more often.

Chores – Day 76

I witnessed the most beautiful sunset today. There were dark clouds hinting at rains all through the day and the sun was not visible at all. At 6PM however, I saw an orange shimmer coming into my room window. And it was BEAUTIFUL! Made my day.

I also feel like writing everyday is becoming a chore for me now. I don’t usually write form my heart now. I just write because I have to. Because I committed to it. Its like a job that you do but don’t like, but can’t quit? Man, I do not know what I am doing.

I also had a very weird dream today. I travel to a unknown dimension in outer space which is so cool. This place has sunlight all the time. Everyone is tracked all the time, with their own GPS System. There are lights all over the place, and authorities are searching for me, because I am an alien in this planet. Really fun dream. I woke up when I was sitting in an alien toilet, contemplating about life.

Talk about strange dreams.

Talking Tiger – Dream log (3)

I’m at my native and we have tigers as pets. One of the two tigers that we have is around 12 years old and is very cute. I try to talk to him all the time, but he never replies. My relatives say, that’s because tigers don’t speak.

However, one fine day I’m sitting alone with him and doing my usual thing – talking to the tiger. He breaks his silence and says,

“You know Ashish, life happened to increase entropy”

His voice isn’t a heavy baritone that films show. Quite the opposite, the tiger sounds like a 5 year old shrewd businessman with a moderate pitch but no depth.

“I knew you could talk”

“Ofcourse I can talk, all animals can talk. They chose not to because humans are stupid and they’d never understand what we are trying to convey. They’d abolish us or exterminate us all, only to realise within a year – our extinction means their apocalypse. All of life is a medium for efficient distribution of energy, in other words – to increase entropy. Life was created for it to end.”

“But why are you quoting Dan Brown’s book – Origin, Tiger?”

Tiger looks at me with a raised eye, the kind Rock did when he was in WWE.

“How do you think we started talking?”

“You are smart and witty!”

“Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea.”

“And sarcastic!”

Tiger looks at me now with a lopsided grin.

“It was great talking to you Tiger.”

“Can’t say the same about yo… ” before he could finish the sentence, someone enters the room.

I like to think he said “Can’t say the same about yolkshire folks, but you are a great person, I had a great time talking to you Ashish”

This is the third installment of the dream log. I try to recall and re create the train of thoughts that occur in my head while sleeping with an occasional flair for drama. Yes, this story actually took my place in my dream.

Sheep and Dinosaur – Dream log (2)

The giant train which is as large as an auditorium, filled with people glued to their computer screens is on a journey. The destination however is unknown.

Everyone aboard the gigantic train is playing a game set in a prehistoric era when dinosaurs used to rule this earth and not as crude oil.

I find my character to be a sheep in a very sophisticated computer simulation moving around in a large expanse of grass looking for food. The camera setting in the game is like GTA (3rd person shooter) and on the top right corner of my screen there is a map which shows my character’s location and predators nearby.

The top left corner is a health bar and my character (the sheep) is hungry. I roam around helplessly looking for food, only to find that sheep eat grass and I’m standing on a treasure trove of grass. I get right to it and start munching away.

A few minutes pass by and I notice a shadow creeping up on me, I turn around and see a huge dinosaur who comes next to me and starts eating grass with me.

“How you doin?” It asks me with a mouthful of grass. It was an Ankylosaurus, a grass eating dinosaur.

I’m a sheep and ofcourse my first instinct is to be terrified of this collosal creature but somehow this creature feels warm and friendly. We become best friends and we roam the vast expanses of this simulated universe in search of quality flora.

13 years pass by and I have lived unusually longer than my fellow species. No predator dared attack me when my friend was around and now my time has come to graduate into the next life.

I die a peaceful death and come back as a cow — a step up the food chain, grazing a different field in a different part of the map. This MMORPG* is called Life.

Aren’t we all sheep trying to move up the ladder in our own make believe food chain racing with other proverbial rats feeding off of creatures below our food chain? However, when you do get to the top would you be a carnivorous T rex or a plant eating Ankylosaurus?

This is the second installment of the dream log. I try to recall and re create the train of thoughts that occur in my head while sleeping with an occasional flair for drama. Yes, this story actually took my place in my dream.

*MMORPG — Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Dilapidated Warehouse — Dream log (1)


He makes it a point to visit the food market everyday, dressed in a long dapper suit sporting a red polka dots scarf, slick combed hair, hands in his suit jacket, parading around the market for food to satiate his hunger.

The food market is a lot like the fish market you see in India with the exception of bad smell and watery floors. Held in an old dilapidated warehouse, the food market is what he looks forward to each day.

One fine morning on his daily routine, he finds a small make-shift kiosk of two old ladies selling food. Their stall has no name but lies on the way to his regular stall. As he walks down that lane, one of the two old ladies see him walking down to their stall and her face lights up; smiling she offers a small earthen pot with some kind of nuts, the likes of which he has never seen before. He kindly declines and suggests that he was on the way to the next stall. Embarrassed, the old lady gives way.


He had not seen these two old ladies in the market before but he sure was curious. It was quite unusual for ladies their age to be working in the market. He decides to try food at their stall tonight.

Confidently, he walks towards the stall and asks for a certain food involving eggs. The other old lady behind the counter gets to work and whips up a sandwich involving an omelette, some gravy and an outer covering made of maida. She carefully wraps it in a plastic bag and offers it to the gentleman in the suit. But before he could grab his food, she lets go and the plastic bag falls straight into the open blue garbage bag right below. She gets back to work like nothing happened.

The other lady apologizes for her colleagues behavior fervently while the lady who put his food in garbage is making more eggs, unapologetic of the whole situation. He picks his food from the garbage bag and asks the other lady to make another similar delicacy but this time with boiled eggs. Happy at the chance of making food for this gentleman, she gets right to work.

He asks them, “Where are you beautiful ladies from? I haven’t seen you here before”. His way of charming ladies was something he picked up spending several years traveling around the country.

“Oh we are from a village not far from here. We recently started setting up shop after realizing the profit margin is much higher here”, the kind old lady replied cutting a boiled egg in half. He almost didn’t listen to the old lady, eyeing the egg yellow that tumbled away from the egg white reminding him how much he loved eggs. He looked at the old lady and smiled acknowledging her reply, however he was too involved in the aroma of spices that hit his nostrils like ecstasy. It reminded him of his childhood.

He reached in his pocket to fetch the money he owed them. He handed over the coins to them along with a souvenir that he had received in his childhood – a chick peas shaped metal key chain.

The rude old lady grabbed this object and questioned him with a stern authority, “Where did you get this?” she asked thundering down on him.

“My mother gave it to me when I was a kid? Why?” he replied, confused.

She placed the nut carefully on the metal kiosk, opened a flap and pressed a button underneath. The kiosk chimed and a eerie hologram appeared right in front of his face.

“This metal nut does not belong to you, it belongs to our savior”, the kind old lady said.

The hologram displayed ‘MCLID’. The hologram in itself however was alarming to him, he was alien to this technology.

“What is this MCLID? Are you competing with McDonalds?” he asked, mocking the ladies.

“Don’t you dare make fun of our savior”, the old lady rattled grabbing his hand forcefully. (like the Trump power handshake)

He felt a sudden pang in his head and a vivid array of emotions went through him. He heard children banging on the door of his bedroom trying to wake him up from a deep slumber. His bedroom was a place for the kings, signs of wealth and royalty everywhere. He could see the wooden double door with intricate designs, he could feel the warmth of the bed he lay in and the texture of the rich sheets. He heard the banging get louder and louder.

The kind old lady pushed him away from the rude old lady.

What had happened just now? What had he just seen? He was disoriented and appalled.

He ran away from the old dilapidated warehouse, which had once been a food market.


This was the dream I had today morning which woke me up and shook all the sleep out of me. All of the things mentioned above happened in my dream. Word for word. I added some dialogues for flair, there were no words exchanged. I know this dream sounds really absurd but all dreams are absurd; please don’t judge me. I would consider writing a second installation of this story, and I would definitely from now create a dream log (for the purposes of experimenting in lucid dreaming and astral projection). 🙂