Back in Not Black-Day 19082018

I took a sabbatical for blogging for a while, but now that I am back this feels amazing! i think I am going to stick to blogging for now. I genuinely hope so.

For those who are new, I have quit my Corporate Job and I am trying to make it big on my own because no one ever bought a Lamborghini working a 9 to 5?



100 days – Day 100

I have written a blog post successfully everyday for the past 100 days. 100 days are over from the start of the year.

Usually when 3 months pass, I am clueless that 3 months have gone by. This time, since I am writing a post everyday, I am aware to some extent of every single day that goes by. Even if I am not, I can backtrack and calculate the number of days that have passed.

Today was a near perfect day. I left at 06:30 from home and came back by 19:30. I was reading a book on the train and as soon as I reached home, I started trading on my system

I took two trades and both hit stop losses and I lost around 400 rupees. But I am absolutely fine with it, because I followed my strategy to the dot. There was a sudden movement in price that I couldn’t track and hence the big loss. But it’s okay.

This is just one trade out of the next 100. This is what keeps me going. 🙂

Virar Local – Day 94

So today I came across a guy in the first class who was speaking loudly in English with someone over the phone. Sounded like a pretend accent to me. He climbed a virar train in Jogeshwari to get down at Malad.

Poor fool didn’t know that you do not mess with the Virar train. Virar train is the bad boy of the block. You don’t taunt it or make fun of it. I am sure the Virar train over heard this cool dude’s conversation with his friend where he so casually said he’ll be in Malad in 10 minutes.

Little did he know, these 10 minutes were soon going to become 50 minutes. He didn’t get down at Malad, because of the crowd! Duh! He couldn’t even get down at the next stop, because again, duh!

He finally got down at Bhayander after which he must have caught another train back to Malad.

So much for showing off in front of a Virar train. I hope he learnt his lesson.

Moral – You don’t mess with the Virar train.

Trains – Day 93

You find all kinds of people in the local train. They typically travel in groups and are generally kind people. But their behavior as a group changes from time to time. There is at least one soothsayer in the group.

The conversations in these groups are particularly interesting.

There was a guy standing behind me who was hurling filthy abuses at random people in the crowd and then suddenly transforming and singing songs of god. This actually happened.

One minute he is saying, “BC, MC, TMKC, BKL”.

The next minute he’s like, “hare ram, hare krishna” and songs on vithoba from pandharpur.

I am not sure how Vithoba would react.

Meanwhile, there is another group of people with one loudmouth who talks to everybody. Even people he doesn’t know. He praises himself, and puts around as if he’s the man. His insecurity is quite evident in the group.

There are a lot of characters in this story, which will slowly come to play, one after the other.

Milk Hasingh – Day 92

I was so tired yesterday I didn’t even get time to write. I am not going to write this blog post in detail. Instead, I am going to tell a funny story.

When I was in 7th standard, there was a question in my final exam. The question was something along the lines of “Which cow gives the most milk?”

Now, I did not know the answer, but I vaguely remembered something related to this, so I wrote the answer.

I wrote “Milk Hasingh”.

The teacher did not understand the answer and gave me zero marks.

What I actually wrote was the name of the Indian Olympain – Milkha Singh.

I jumbled up the words, funny how the human brain works, no?

April Fools – Day 91

I did a lot of work yesterday. I went to DMart all alone, bought a shoe for 250 rupees, bought four t shirts for 1000 rupees, bought a CFL for home, bought a pair of jeans and a credit card holder. I went walking all the way and came back walking. I also sold papers to bhangarwala and made some money. I also serviced my old cycle that I have been using since the 9th standard, that is like more than 9 years old.

We also made a new bed and sold the old one. Lots of work done for April Fools.

Home – Day 89

I have finally reached home. I am super tired and going to bed. I will update the ongoings of the day, tomorrow morning.

Next day

I am continuing the story the next day. We went to the airport early in the morning on 29th of March. My friends came to see me off. (I miss them)

Once inside the airport, I walked through the baggage counter to check in my luggage. At the counter I realized that the weight of my luggage was 10 kilos over the free luggage limit. The kind lady charged me only for 5 kilos though. I ended up paying 2k for the same. I also asked if I can upgrade to a window seat, which she did, free of additional cost.

I completed my check in procedure and ate an over priced veg sandwich with over priced water and over priced coffee. The boarding was smooth and as soon as I climbed in the plane, I had to take a dump. I had to wait for half an hour for the flight to take off and settle. Old uncles were already in line for the loo. Finally my turn came and the experience was awful. There was no space at all! I couldn’t even sit on the pot. My legs were cramped.

I hate that they don’t have jet sprays. Westernization is not cool always. Also, I asked this really cute air hostess who I asked why there is an ashtray on the inside and outside of the loo door if smoking is absolutely not allowed. Her innocent answer was, people still sneak a cigarette and smoke in the toilet apparently. I did not expect that answer, or maybe she was just trying to push me away. Either way, it worked.

There was a lot of turbulence on the flight. The flight attendees asked me to sit right away at another seat. After a few minutes, I asked her if I can go back to my seat. Like a faithful student asking a teacher. She denied with a smiley frown face. She was cute.

What is with airlines and cute air hostesses? Very distracting.

I ran to my place and she didn’t notice. Now I think she asked me to sit there, because she was flirting with me? I looked into the mirror just now and realized, she wasn’t.

After landing in Mumbai, I took a nice comfortable dump in the international airport terminal. I took my luggage and came home.

What a day!


3 days – Day 85

There are only 3 days left until I go home, I am super excited. I am so excited, that I cannot sleep! I am super excited.

Considering that I just said the same sentence twice, you might have a fair idea of how excited I really am. VERY!

I have finally booked flight tickets today and there are only 3 days left. I have 6 buyers lined up for buying my cycle, so even if 3 people pass, I still have 3 more people who are willing to buy!

But my dosai routine everyday has gone for a toss now. I have also stopped working out. I hope I start this again once I go home!

I am so excited, I can’t even think of anything to write about!

So, I haven’t told my friends that I am going home, and the timing couldn’t get better. I am going to message them on 1st April, saying let’s meet, I am in town.

If they think, I am fooling them because its 1st April, I will actually meet them and they will have been fooled.

If they actually believe that I am in town and agree to meet, I will tell them I fooled them, because its april’s fool! And then I will meet them later.

This is a Win:2Win situation. 😀


MUMBAI! – Day 81

They finally found a seat for me in Mumbai, in my desired location. I will now be travelling a gruelling 4 hours everyday to work and back. Even though I am excited to go home, the looming travel itinerary scares me.

I have gravely miscalculated the amount of travel time that I would undergo when travelling from work to home and back. I did not take into consideration traffic and other factors involved in travelling from point A to point B to point C.

Well, even if I am going to be travelling a whole lot more, I am finally glad that I am going home. I will be able to spend time and live with my parents and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.


Splitting Headache – Day 80

Today has been a very eventful day. On the way to work today, I stopped at a bike repair shop to borrow a spanner. My cycle stand has become very loose and I don’t have a spanner at home. The grumpy young guy was not willing to look into my cycle because he thought it was above it. I asked him for the spanner and told him, I will fix it by myself, I just need a tool.

After tightening the screw on my cycle stand, I handed it back to the grumpy guy who was irritated for some weird reason. He asked for 5 rupees, which I gladly gave. I was going to hand him a ten rupee note, but I think 5 rupees is fair because he was grumpy.

We went on a team outing today. I stuck with my no non veg rule and ate a ton of paneer and mushrooms. I also ate some desserts, which was not on my list initially, given the no sugar diet. But, one day shouldn’t hurt. I didn’t feel any better after eating dessert though.

We then went on to watch Coco. Oscar winning animated feature film. Beautiful film, the play of emotions on screen is absolutely stunning. I was moved by that film, so much so that, I almost even cried.

Now as I write this, I have splitting headache that won’t go away and to make things worse, I traded today and now I am down 1k.

Note to self – Don’t trade when you have a splitting headache.