I am grateful for where I am in life right now. Life has turned out to be perfect. From working a typical 9 to 5 in a typical corporate, I have finally reached a point where I can work from anywhere, anytime.

As I write this, I sit in a coffee shop, sipping on a shot of bitter espresso while people walk by looking at me strangely like I did once wondering what people with laptops in coffee shops do.

Now I know what we do. The hustle is real.

I set a goal in January 2018 that I have to quit my job for the better by August 2018. It was a firm non negotiable goal. I had to do it.

Come August 2018, I found myself a freelancing gig and before I knew, I was independent from the struggles of a typical job.

It has been more than 6 months now that I am working independently. Makes me think how I achieved this.

I think a major part of this was due to the role my subconscious mind played. I used to listen to the audio book – The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles.

This book changed my outlook on life. There is no good and bad in life. There are only consequences. Cause and effect. It’s all in the head.

This might sound new age mumbo jumbo to you. But I can confirm first hand that this is more than just mumbo jumbo. This is an exact science.

Last night, me and my family had a very thought provoking decision about how the subconscious works. I was surprised by how most members of my family accepted the idea of Subconscious programming being a major part of life.

It was an insightful discussion. Looking forward to achieving my reasonably unrealistic goals this year too. 🙂

Recommended ReadingThe Power of Subconscious mind


Productive Effort – Day 63

I am part of a group called Unofficed which is basically a group of traders and investors. The scope of this group however doesn’t end there. There was a discussion today on passive income in the group, and before I realized the intensity of the situation, I have signed up for an assignment. I am co authoring a book in 7 days. At the end of 7 said days, we will be publishing the book on Amazon, published in the Kindle store.

7 days is very less time to complete a book but I never hesitate from a challenge, do I? I have already started writing the first chapter. I am pretty sure I will be spending all of my waking hours just writing this book and reading it over and over again to remove and minimize errors. This is going to be really really tough. But once this feat is achieved, I think other things would be comparatively easier? Let’s see how that goes.

Speed reading – Day 43

My average reading speed is 250 words per minute. This speed is extremely slow and laughable among book reading pioneers. To improve my reading speed, I started reading this book called Speed reading with the right brain by David Butler. The book is well written and I tried the technique mentioned in the book. It seemed to work quite well given I read it last night and I am trying to read everything with my right brain now.

Meaning – I am trying to read fast and visualize the words rather than sub-vocalizing them. Ever since we were kids we have been sub vocalizing everything we read. Sub vocalizing is reading the words in our head. This process is highly inefficient as one first has to read the words and then try and comprehend the meaning.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to read everything in the head to understand its meaning. Glancing the word works just as well. The problem is, we are not used to this way of reading and this might take some time to get used to.

I plan on using this technique to increase my average reading speed to about 500 words per minute. It is an ambitious goal, but hey so is reading 180 books a year.

See you on the other side. 😉

Ailbaba and 40 opportunities- Day 42

I just finished reading Entrepreneur: Jack Ma, Alibaba and the 40 Thieves of Success written by a guy called Winson Ng whose personal story is quite impressive. An engineer by education and an acid attack victim transformed his life by writing books by the dozen and creating a publication which goes by the name Think Maverick. They have published close to 500 books so far, according to their website.

This is quite impressive for a couple. This got me thinking, if I can write for 42 days straight (even if I don’t feel like), maybe I can write a book and publish it on Amazon for minimal cost? I might have 0 sales, but hey I’d never know unless I try.

Jack Ma is an interesting personality and Entrepreneur: Jack Ma, Alibaba and the 40 Thieves of Success revolves around his life and principles that he considers to be his secrets for success. However, he dares us to try things beyond these rules even if he doesn’t agree with them and prove him wrong. After all, even he is a human being. From what I have read, Jack  is portrayed to be a very humble human who is aware of his roots.

Overall, this book a good mid afternoon light read. It barely has 100 pages, so you can glide past them effortlessly.

Meanwhile, I think even I should start writing a book.

Brain Infiltration – Day 32

Humans are the only species who teach themselves to follow a certain set of rules. Bees, ants and so many other species learn stuff at birth as it is embedded in their DNA to do a particular thing in a particular way.

We however, do a multitude of things only after it has been taught to us. I couldn’t ride a bike or code when I was born. I was taught to ride a bike; coding I learned on my own. But this transfer of knowledge is not effective either. We tend to forget a lot of things over a period of time and usually over ride that information with something else. However, what if there was a way we could transfer all the information that we wish our children to know, when they are in the womb or better yet, even before they are inseminated.

This is a very complex process, but if this is achieved, Elon Musk’s idea of cyborgs could be totally ruled out. Humans would then be biologically equipped to do things that computers of this generations cannot (in terms of crunching data).

So how do we achieve this? Simple, we take a willing human subject that is ready for their kid to be the first in the super smart next generation of species. We may start with inserting a simple language into the human subject and then let him reproduce with another willing human subject who will also be inserted with the same language. The result could be an offspring that knows this particular language, effortlessly on birth.

I know this sounds like a very vague idea and I might be overreaching here, but hey, so did the wright brothers, am i right? A lot of bio hacking needs to be done to achieve this insane feat. A lot of tweaking in the human DNA and the genome, but if this actually works out, we can pump up the information from one language to all available information and data on the planet.

This might lead to the extinction of current generation dumb humans. These bio hacked artificially intelligent species will have some resemblance to a typical human offspring, which is any day better than robots ruling the world.

Source of Idea – Sapiens

DR – 8/10

Belief – Day 30

Yuval Noah Harari is a brilliant man who has done his research. I have read only about 1/5th of Sapiens and I am already so intrigued by the ideas presented in this book.

Sapiens really makes you think about life and the world around you. It’s not what I would call being mindful, but somewhere along the lines of being aware and not being naive. There is a particular chapter which makes you believe how all of our lives have been a lie, revolving around a system that was specifically created for it to make us believe this lie.

Sounds scary right? Read Sapiens and it will open your eyes.

Belief is a very powerful tool.

Make use of it.

DR – 7/10

Brutus – Day 26

Today has been a very eventful day so far, I finished reading two books that I started and came in close contact with a poisonous centipede which is also called as Puran in Tamil.

Super Human by Habit (Tynan)

This book is a life saver for procrastinators, it is a very practical book accompanied with a generic idea of habits that one should ideally implement to make life better. The methods mentioned in the book are tried and tested, I have also read the same methods in multiple articles, all over. In fact, I have also implemented some of these habits. Change is good. Go ahead and read this book, it won’t disappoint you.

Julius Caesar (Shakespeare)

I have heard people use ‘Et tu Brutus?’ a lot of times, especially in and around my workplace. I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was all about. Now that I have read the book / act / play, it is beautifully written. But the plebeian’s (old roman commoners) are downright plain stupid. Going whichever direction, whoever provokes them to, be it Brutus or Antony or Caesar himself. Come to think of it, so are the masses in our present time.

The old English was tough to read, really really tough. It was as if I am reading a dream. I quite literally felt like I was reading in a dream, which is a thing I like about old English. O, and the drama! (Do you see how I used O instead of Oh there? xD)

Thanks to this website, I was able to finish reading it in a less dreamy way. Still worth the read.

I really need a catchphrase to end my posts with. I also need a rubber band to tie my hair. Suggestions?

Twice Written (Book Review) – Day 23

Written by a theoretical physicist, this book wounds around the life of three young people trying to find meaning in life. Loaded with philosophical thoughts that typical teenagers don’t really have, at least I didn’t when I was a teenager.

Set in South Bombay in the 80s, the author makes a very good job of writing things as they were. I think this book is underrated on goodreads – 3.6/5. I would definitely rate it a 4.3. But then again, I haven’t read that many books.

There is a particular character in the book who goes by the name Dorai. His presence in the book undergoes a very positive transformation from mysterious and detached to spiritual and cozy. There is a particular book that the author mentions, which is present in Dorai’s library – The Serpent Power written by Arthur Avalon / Sir John Woodroffe. Coincidentally, I had bought a book around 7 years ago, called The World as Power written by the same author in the early 1930s.

It is not a famous book, with only 4 ratings on goodreads, but very insightful. The English used in the book is so intense that I have to find the dictionary after every two lines. This book might take some time to finish. I’m also reading two other books side by side. More on that later.

P.S – Don’t YouTube/Instagram/Facebook, instead read a book. 🙂

How to read 180 books a year – Day 22

I have successfully completed 21 days of writing every single day, I hope this continues to be a habit now.

I came across a very interesting article today. Please give it a read as this whole post is going to revolve around this article.


Considering that you have read the article I proceed with the math required to achieve this superhuman feat.

My average reading speed – A humble 200 wpm.

  • 200 books * 50,000 words/book = 10 million words
  • 10 million words/200 wpm = 50,000 minutes
  • 50,000 minutes/60 = 833 hours
  • 833 hours/12 = 70 hours per month
  • 70/30 = 2.3 hours a day. Wow.
  • 50,000/200 = 250 minutes = 4 – 5 hours / book

So going by that, one must finish reading a book every two days, 15 books a month. 180 books a year. This does sound like a very vague optimistic dreamy idea right?

Challenge accepted, as Neal Patrick Harris famously said. Starting from today, I am going to try and finish one book every two days. I have never done this before and I am scared. If you wish to undertake this challenge with me, drop a comment or send me a message and I will add you as a participant in this custom Google Sheet I prepared and give you access with a dedicated column of your name. You can track other participants and recommend books or ask for book suggestions. I have already added books that I am reading right now and the book I have finished reading this month.

Lets see how much truth is there in Warren Buffet’s claims. 😉

P.S. – I will also be doing a brief review all of the books I read. Amazon is going to regret giving me Kindle unlimited subscription for 169/month. 🙂