Space and Kindness

I had a very bizarre dream today and I thought this should go on my journal to keep track of the dreams that I have.

The dream starts out with me being a part of a space agency and regularly flying out to Outer Space, just above the gravitation pull of earth. Coming back home, repeating the process within a couple of days. I think parts of this dream were taken from the film – First man.

This dream continues as I go on a pilgrimage with my family and while coming back, the rickshaw driver drops us to the space agency. When we try to pay the driver, he refuses saying he must not accept money from pilgrims. To make him accept money, all of us start chanting a particular line repeatedly till they accept our money – which goes as follows, “Vardani casmo naye deva deva”.

And I woke up. I quickly pulled my phone to check what the chant means but Google could not answer it. I do not even remember the chant now but I wrote it down because it is so bizarre.

I think I should start writing about these dreams more often.

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