Love and coins – Day 104

Lots of interesting things happened yesterday and day before. I’m writing this post as I travel to attend two back-to-back talks. One on black holes and one on Bitcoin.

On the way back home from work, I saw a young couple in the train. They were college students. The girl was sitting in the window seat while the guy was standing right in front of her. They were listening to music on a shared earphone, stealing glanced and smiling at each other. They were holding hands and everything was warm and cosy. There was another dude who was standing right behind the Romeo who was also a college student and by the looks of it, he looked like he had just been friendzoned.

The couple was in their own world, talking and giggling. The girl would never let go of his hand. He was playing a game on his phone. Some first person shooter which is played by keeping the phone screen horizontally. He was involved in the game, shooting people while the girl so romantically held his other hand, looking into his eyes.

Both of their eyes were filled with deep intense love and they were pretty young. I was cringing from my place and I think I also puked a little inside. I was resisting the urge to walk upto them and shouting, “PYAAR EK DHOKA HAI!”

But then all of us are naive at that age. We do have good times but heartbreaks are something that show you the way of the world. That bring you down from 30,000 ft but don’t kill you.

I didn’t want to burst their bubble and be the bad guy. Let them enjoy while it lasts. Lol.

I was also involved in reading the internet of money while observing this couple. Internet of money is a wondrously vivid book that makes you think about currency as a language and blockchain as a solution to modify and make it better.

After I came home, I went to the washroom. I noticed a shiny object in the commode hole. Upon further inspection I realised it’s a two rupees coin. I now had two options, either put my hand in and take the money out or flush it. I wanted to take it out because it still is worth 2 rupees. However, is it worth 2 rupees to put your hands in the commode amidst the watery dirt?

I remembered some lines from the internet of money on how currency is a social hallucination of belief that a particular tangible object with no inherent value be traded for actual things with value. It’s a system of trust that works as long as people believe in the government issuing the coins. What if I decide that picking the 2 rupees coin from the commode was no longer worth the effort that it demands? What if I don’t believe in that coin anymore?

And so I flushed the coin. I still continued seeing it for the next 24 hours because coins are hard to flush.

Today morning I was relieved. The coin was no longer visible. It must be swirling around in gooey poop deposits.

Would you pick a coin from the commode?

4:45 – Day 103

Writing in the morning. Well, isn’t that fun?

I’m sitting in the train, on my way to work. Thinking what should I write about?

The problem with writing in the morning is you don’t have enough content that has happened since you get up.

I woke at 4:45, finished my daily chores and off I went to the train station.

On the way I found a litter of puppies playing with each other. That has to be the nicest thing I have seen all morning. Moving on, I fast walked under the shadow of lots of trees with chirpy birds doing their morning ritual. I know there’s no point of walking fast, if shit is bound to fall on you, you can’t stop it.

Human tendency made me walk fast, to get over with this brutal experience of uncertainty. – Will I get pooped on today?

Thank God, not today!

Mornings – Day 102

I should start writing in the mornings since the end of the day is too tiring. My writing gets very bad by the end of the day. Like this paragraph I just typed is the worst.

Potential employers would never employ me after seeing such terrible writing skills. I am so sleepy that I might doze off any seco

Ads – Day 101

Advertisements in train are downright irritating. I’m standing in a crowded train while Baadshah masala is trying to sell me his product. I instantly start associating it with crowds and smells.

But they have a point. On repeating the same thing over and over, again and again, they bombard our subconscious with Baadshah masala.

The next time it you find yourself picking Baadshah masala at a super market. You know better.

Also, my mom thinks my hair looks like a garbage man’s hair.

I’m sleepy. Good night.

100 days – Day 100

I have written a blog post successfully everyday for the past 100 days. 100 days are over from the start of the year.

Usually when 3 months pass, I am clueless that 3 months have gone by. This time, since I am writing a post everyday, I am aware to some extent of every single day that goes by. Even if I am not, I can backtrack and calculate the number of days that have passed.

Today was a near perfect day. I left at 06:30 from home and came back by 19:30. I was reading a book on the train and as soon as I reached home, I started trading on my system

I took two trades and both hit stop losses and I lost around 400 rupees. But I am absolutely fine with it, because I followed my strategy to the dot. There was a sudden movement in price that I couldn’t track and hence the big loss. But it’s okay.

This is just one trade out of the next 100. This is what keeps me going. 🙂

Farts, Sweat and Tears – Day 99

I caught an almost fully packed train from Andheri today. I barely got a place to stand trying to get in. The people in the passage way shouting “andar dakhha maaro (push inside)”.

I don’t think gynacs travel often by train, and definitely not during peak hours.

In that jam packed train, where everyone’s bodies are touching each other, like an orgy with clothes. I wonder how people from time immemorial have traveled in locals without looking for an alternative. There are people who have spent 10, 20 even 30 years in local trains. They have experienced everything there is to experience in Mumbai locals.

Meanwhile, some ambitious dude decided to add on that experience and gave way for a fart. Nobody heard it and nobody knew who it was, but God did it smell! It smelled like rotten eggs, ammonia and sulphur all put together.

A few stations passed and then came the mother lode of farts. Pungent, strong and deadly. Luckily, by that time the train was almost empty and I went to the door dying for some fresh air.

One thing I noticed in peculiar was that others were not affected by this abhorrent fart. I think people are used to this.

I wonder what the tolerance level of farts in a jam packed local train is?

Care to find out? 😉

Food – Day 98

This was the day I dreaded the most. My mom decided to prepare delicious home made chicken today. My weakness.

The day started with a nice gentle 20km cycle ride to the beach. Courtesy of bikes from a good friend from college who designs bikes! I’m planning to buy one, but I’m not sure if I would use it that often. The bike company is called Revin bikes and they make some pretty sweet bikes.

After the ride we had a sumptuous breakfast of missal pav which was delicious.

While having lunch at home, I was really tempted to eat chicken, I gave in and ate a couple pieces. I then went on to eat some more. And then some more.

In the evening I went out to meet friends and had a nice Oreo milk shake with chocolate. For dinner I ate chicken again followed by ladoo, sheera, kachori and a samosa.

I’m going to get fat really soon.

But I realised I don’t actually have a craving for chicken and I can live without it. It’s a good thing I had chicken today. Opened new avenues for me. 🙂

IPL – Day 97

My dad was watching IPL today and I sat with him.

Disclaimer – I don’t like cricket or any sport that comes on television so this post might be biased.

One peculiar thing I noticed throughout that there are so many advertisements everywhere! There is no thing in this game that is not commercialised. People are making money off of everything.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. Everytime I think someone else is making money, I’ll use ‘KA-CHING!’

The name itself is sponsored by VIVO, so that is visible everywhere. Ka-ching.

The cricketer and umpire uniforms from head to toe, bats, stumps are sponsored by some conglomerate. Ka-ching.

The boundary line. Ka-ching.

The LED behind the boundary line. Ka-ching.

The ground itself and the augmented ads that come on TV displayed on the ground. Ka-ching.

Atleast they haven’t monetized the ball yet. It’s still plain white. There are plans to make it pink for some cause though.

Now this is just during the game play. The advertisements in between are down right absurd.

Let’s break each of these ads down.

Amitabh Bachchan has made a lot of money in his life, but he’s still going strong. He stars in two different product ads. Ka-ching.

Amir Khan in the vivo ad. Shahrukh Khan in the Byju ad. Ranveer Singh in the Royal stag ads. Deepika Padukone in Jio ad. Hema Malini in the Kent ad. Typical Hema Malini. Ka-ching.

Ajay Devgan in some pan masala ad? Ka-ching.

Then you have ads staring cricketers who are already making a shit ton playing. Ka-ching.

Fun fact – Cricketers of old used to work a 9 to 5 job when they didn’t play cricket. Nowadays, no cricketer would even think of doing that because there is so much money flowing everywhere in this highly monetized game. Ka-ching.

IPL is a money making madness machine that takes the attention of willing viewers and fills the silver lined pockets of the affluent.

How do the rich grow richer and the poor poorer you ask? The answer is right in your living room.

The idiot box.

With Jio TV everywhere now, the idiot box has been upgraded to the idiot phone.

Marketing and advertising is a very elegant system which makes you think that you’re getting all of this information for free. You also get to watch cricket and get entertained! But what you don’t understand is that these leeches are living off of your time. The time you spend watching the idiot’s box is unrealised profit going from your pocket to someone else’s.

Like one particular cable TV company started giving away IPL channels for free. Now people, jump at the slightest cue of anything that is free. Why would anyone do anything in this world for free if they don’t have hidden intentions. What we don’t understand here is, our time is their money. Ka-ching.

Wake up my friend, wake up.

It’s not too late, not yet.

Local trains – Day 96

I was engrossed in my phone reading a medium article while I saw a guy standing next to me, reading something on a Kindle. I noticed it was the backlight version of Kindle. I tried peaking in the book that this guy was reading.

The coincidence was, I recognised the book right when I read one line. It was Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. The book has a very vivid language which imprints on your head the dialogue of discourses that happen throughout the book. I asked him if that book is Sapiens and he confirmed.

We started talking, geeked out on a couple of random tech topics, exchanged numbers and now I know a person who reads books in a crowded train in the morning!

Local trains are such a fortune cookie, you never know what you might get.

New phone – Day 95

My new phone came yesterday. Mi max 2. It’s a huge phone with a 6.5 inch screen and 5300 mah battery.

This battery doesn’t die on me. I’m a power user of my phone and I have been using my phone since morning 5 am. The battery has still 32% left as I write to his post. I’m pretty sure it’ll not die until next morning.

This phone is HUGE.