Black holes and time – Day 105

I attended a very interesting talk on black holes yesterday. A research scientist from TIFR who works on string theory gave this lecture.

It spoke volumes about how black holes are formed, the event hoirzon, singularity and white space. The talk was as beautiful as it could get. There were some pointers in the talk that went straight through my head. I couldn’t make head and tail of it.

But most concepts I understood. I am so glad I moved back home. I think I can do a lot more things like these now that I’m back home!

I also just read an article about wasting time. The article said how we waste so much time and not care at all, but money and property are tangible things we cling to. Money and property can be earned, time is a resource that you’ll never get back. The time spent to write this post is gone. Poof.

I think I should make efficient use of my time and stop being sloppy.

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