Love and coins – Day 104

Lots of interesting things happened yesterday and day before. I’m writing this post as I travel to attend two back-to-back talks. One on black holes and one on Bitcoin.

On the way back home from work, I saw a young couple in the train. They were college students. The girl was sitting in the window seat while the guy was standing right in front of her. They were listening to music on a shared earphone, stealing glanced and smiling at each other. They were holding hands and everything was warm and cosy. There was another dude who was standing right behind the Romeo who was also a college student and by the looks of it, he looked like he had just been friendzoned.

The couple was in their own world, talking and giggling. The girl would never let go of his hand. He was playing a game on his phone. Some first person shooter which is played by keeping the phone screen horizontally. He was involved in the game, shooting people while the girl so romantically held his other hand, looking into his eyes.

Both of their eyes were filled with deep intense love and they were pretty young. I was cringing from my place and I think I also puked a little inside. I was resisting the urge to walk upto them and shouting, “PYAAR EK DHOKA HAI!”

But then all of us are naive at that age. We do have good times but heartbreaks are something that show you the way of the world. That bring you down from 30,000 ft but don’t kill you.

I didn’t want to burst their bubble and be the bad guy. Let them enjoy while it lasts. Lol.

I was also involved in reading the internet of money while observing this couple. Internet of money is a wondrously vivid book that makes you think about currency as a language and blockchain as a solution to modify and make it better.

After I came home, I went to the washroom. I noticed a shiny object in the commode hole. Upon further inspection I realised it’s a two rupees coin. I now had two options, either put my hand in and take the money out or flush it. I wanted to take it out because it still is worth 2 rupees. However, is it worth 2 rupees to put your hands in the commode amidst the watery dirt?

I remembered some lines from the internet of money on how currency is a social hallucination of belief that a particular tangible object with no inherent value be traded for actual things with value. It’s a system of trust that works as long as people believe in the government issuing the coins. What if I decide that picking the 2 rupees coin from the commode was no longer worth the effort that it demands? What if I don’t believe in that coin anymore?

And so I flushed the coin. I still continued seeing it for the next 24 hours because coins are hard to flush.

Today morning I was relieved. The coin was no longer visible. It must be swirling around in gooey poop deposits.

Would you pick a coin from the commode?

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