4:45 – Day 103

Writing in the morning. Well, isn’t that fun?

I’m sitting in the train, on my way to work. Thinking what should I write about?

The problem with writing in the morning is you don’t have enough content that has happened since you get up.

I woke at 4:45, finished my daily chores and off I went to the train station.

On the way I found a litter of puppies playing with each other. That has to be the nicest thing I have seen all morning. Moving on, I fast walked under the shadow of lots of trees with chirpy birds doing their morning ritual. I know there’s no point of walking fast, if shit is bound to fall on you, you can’t stop it.

Human tendency made me walk fast, to get over with this brutal experience of uncertainty. – Will I get pooped on today?

Thank God, not today!

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