100 days – Day 100

I have written a blog post successfully everyday for the past 100 days. 100 days are over from the start of the year.

Usually when 3 months pass, I am clueless that 3 months have gone by. This time, since I am writing a post everyday, I am aware to some extent of every single day that goes by. Even if I am not, I can backtrack and calculate the number of days that have passed.

Today was a near perfect day. I left at 06:30 from home and came back by 19:30. I was reading a book on the train and as soon as I reached home, I started trading on my system

I took two trades and both hit stop losses and I lost around 400 rupees. But I am absolutely fine with it, because I followed my strategy to the dot. There was a sudden movement in price that I couldn’t track and hence the big loss. But it’s okay.

This is just one trade out of the next 100. This is what keeps me going. 🙂

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