Virar Local – Day 94

So today I came across a guy in the first class who was speaking loudly in English with someone over the phone. Sounded like a pretend accent to me. He climbed a virar train in Jogeshwari to get down at Malad.

Poor fool didn’t know that you do not mess with the Virar train. Virar train is the bad boy of the block. You don’t taunt it or make fun of it. I am sure the Virar train over heard this cool dude’s conversation with his friend where he so casually said he’ll be in Malad in 10 minutes.

Little did he know, these 10 minutes were soon going to become 50 minutes. He didn’t get down at Malad, because of the crowd! Duh! He couldn’t even get down at the next stop, because again, duh!

He finally got down at Bhayander after which he must have caught another train back to Malad.

So much for showing off in front of a Virar train. I hope he learnt his lesson.

Moral – You don’t mess with the Virar train.

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