Trains – Day 93

You find all kinds of people in the local train. They typically travel in groups and are generally kind people. But their behavior as a group changes from time to time. There is at least one soothsayer in the group.

The conversations in these groups are particularly interesting.

There was a guy standing behind me who was hurling filthy abuses at random people in the crowd and then suddenly transforming and singing songs of god. This actually happened.

One minute he is saying, “BC, MC, TMKC, BKL”.

The next minute he’s like, “hare ram, hare krishna” and songs on vithoba from pandharpur.

I am not sure how Vithoba would react.

Meanwhile, there is another group of people with one loudmouth who talks to everybody. Even people he doesn’t know. He praises himself, and puts around as if he’s the man. His insecurity is quite evident in the group.

There are a lot of characters in this story, which will slowly come to play, one after the other.

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