Leave – Day 113

I took a sick leave today because I was really sick, duh! I initially thought of going to work, but I think I took the right decision. I felt very uneasy throughout the day, because of over eating chicken the previous day. I’m absolutely averse to chicken now, I do not like it one bit!

Unwell – Day 112

I had a little too much to eat tonight. I ate so much chicken. Stuffed myself with more chicken than I am used to eating. My older self would have gladly devoured all of that chicken, if not more. The new me however, could not digest all of that meat and I fell sick.

Ugh, such a bad feeling. Also, I stayed out late tonight which added to the illness.

Unproductive – Day 111

Today has been a very unproductive day. Apart from talking to a startup regarding a job offer, I did absolutely nothing today apart from stuffing my mouth with chicken and ice cream.

I have a plethora of tasks in front of me. Which I haven’t done. I am going to blame it on the chicken. I think chicken is making me very unproductive. I don’t like you chicken. If you are reading this, please don’t tempt me into eating you. I hate you, but I also love you. But I hate you.

Okay bye.

What? – Day 108

My days are a blur. I am barely getting enough sleep. All this traveling is taking its toll on me. But I think I’ll be alright. Considering I just read two full books in a week. Only while traveling. Not outside of it. Not even a full week. It’s only been 4 days? I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to get back in track for the 200 book challenge of the year. I’m all pumped.

Wow, that was quick. My day went from a blur to the most productive week ever!

Love (part 2) – Day 107

Remember the young couple I spoke about in an earlier post? Well, that couple travels in the same train everyday. I make it a point to not face them and observe their mushy love story. Because it’s all going to come to an end. I also hope that they don’t get wind of my blog.

I’m not sure how they’ll take it but pretty sure, it’d not be pretty. All my waking hours outside of work are spent reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad – a very famous book Robert Kiyosaki. It’s a very insightful read. It makes you see within yourself and gauge your wealth. Not the physical wealth of the material world, but the intangible wealth of the mind.

I think I’ll soon be back on track to my 200 books this year schedule. 😉

Shit coin (STC) – Day 106

Remember the coin that was in the commode? Well, that coin still won’t budge, it’s still there.

So I took a pair of tongs and managed to pick it our, after several attempts. The first few attempts were so pointless. The coin fell back into the water – PLOOP. This happened around half a dozen times till I got the knack of pulling the coin out.

I think the coin symbolises something in life. I don’t know what, as yet. But I plan on figuring that out.

Black holes and time – Day 105

I attended a very interesting talk on black holes yesterday. A research scientist from TIFR who works on string theory gave this lecture.

It spoke volumes about how black holes are formed, the event hoirzon, singularity and white space. The talk was as beautiful as it could get. There were some pointers in the talk that went straight through my head. I couldn’t make head and tail of it.

But most concepts I understood. I am so glad I moved back home. I think I can do a lot more things like these now that I’m back home!

I also just read an article about wasting time. The article said how we waste so much time and not care at all, but money and property are tangible things we cling to. Money and property can be earned, time is a resource that you’ll never get back. The time spent to write this post is gone. Poof.

I think I should make efficient use of my time and stop being sloppy.