Home – Day 89

I have finally reached home. I am super tired and going to bed. I will update the ongoings of the day, tomorrow morning.

Next day

I am continuing the story the next day. We went to the airport early in the morning on 29th of March. My friends came to see me off. (I miss them)

Once inside the airport, I walked through the baggage counter to check in my luggage. At the counter I realized that the weight of my luggage was 10 kilos over the free luggage limit. The kind lady charged me only for 5 kilos though. I ended up paying 2k for the same. I also asked if I can upgrade to a window seat, which she did, free of additional cost.

I completed my check in procedure and ate an over priced veg sandwich with over priced water and over priced coffee. The boarding was smooth and as soon as I climbed in the plane, I had to take a dump. I had to wait for half an hour for the flight to take off and settle. Old uncles were already in line for the loo. Finally my turn came and the experience was awful. There was no space at all! I couldn’t even sit on the pot. My legs were cramped.

I hate that they don’t have jet sprays. Westernization is not cool always. Also, I asked this really cute air hostess who I asked why there is an ashtray on the inside and outside of the loo door if smoking is absolutely not allowed. Her innocent answer was, people still sneak a cigarette and smoke in the toilet apparently. I did not expect that answer, or maybe she was just trying to push me away. Either way, it worked.

There was a lot of turbulence on the flight. The flight attendees asked me to sit right away at another seat. After a few minutes, I asked her if I can go back to my seat. Like a faithful student asking a teacher. She denied with a smiley frown face. She was cute.

What is with airlines and cute air hostesses? Very distracting.

I ran to my place and she didn’t notice. Now I think she asked me to sit there, because she was flirting with me? I looked into the mirror just now and realized, she wasn’t.

After landing in Mumbai, I took a nice comfortable dump in the international airport terminal. I took my luggage and came home.

What a day!


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