Discussion – Day 87

My friend and hostel mate gave me a treat today. I tried to pay, but he insisted on paying the bill. I had a sumptuous meal of Paneer Fried Rice and Paneer Manchurian while he had Chicken Malabar biryani. The food was really good. This was followed by a good cold drink in a near by shop.

I have known him for a long time. He is one of the few people I can geek out with. He is a good friend. Post our dinner, we were solving the Rubik’s cube while I spurred a discussion on religion and food habits. This discussion went on a downhill spiral from there. It was pretty interesting to watch though. I was an active listener today, taking minimal part in the conversation and if any, only to stir it up a little bit. I completely agreed with one side of the debate and the other part of the debate was not willing to accept new ideas. There was no conclusion to this discussion. While one person completely agreed what the other person was trying to say, the other person could not come to terms with the fact that even though he was agreeing, he was not accepting his supposed truth.

There was also a very bitter comment in bad taste towards the end of the conversation, which was really not cool. That took all my respect for the person away.

You could almost see the anger and anxiety in his actions and eyes, but he wasn’t able to express it.

So much for trying to attain the next level, when we cannot accept the fact that all we are is human.

I know one thing, that we know nothing. 🙂

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