2 Days – Day 86

Still the same story. If you have read my previous post, you already know I’m excited. To add to that, I’m more excited since now I have only 2 days left to go home.

I had delicious ghee roast dosa today. I am definitely going to miss dosai and eating food on leaf. I am also going to miss my friends from Coimbatore. Most of whom do not know about this blog, because I haven’t told them.

I am going to miss Coimbatore, the weather here has been gentle. Mumbai is not going to be easy. I have had a easy life for the past two years. 15 mins commute everyday surrounded by peacocks, trees, mountains and great weather. This is soon going to be replaced by crowd, more crowd and shitty weather.

But I’m not complaining, as far as I am at home, I’m happy. I haven’t told my Mumbai friends that I’m coming home and I just receive a text from friends asking me to come home in June. I promised them I’ll try.

Little do they know, I will be home in 3 days. xD I’m going to April Fool the shit out of them.

I think it’s for the best they don’t read my blog posts.

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