Packing – Day 84

I started packing my bags today, I don’t have a lot of stuff this time. Unlike college, I have grown wise over time. I only had the stuff that I need, and I gave lots of it away to friends who might need it.

I spent the morning riding my bike for the last time, changed the tube, there was a tiny hole in it that was leaking air all throughout. It was a very teeny tiny hole which would take days to empty the whole tyre, but it’s still a hole. Got that fixed for 200 bucks. I’m now waiting for the buyer of the cycle to take the cycle away and pay me.

I came across quite a few memories today, I saw the birthday card friends made for me on different birthday’s. Yes, I carried them with me to Coimbatore, just in case I missed my friends. Ofcourse, I never opened it, until today. I then couldn’t stop reminiscing about the good times.

Oh my how life has changed. 🙂

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