Selling – Day 83

Boy, this blogging from my phone has really got to me. Now, I can write my daily post when lying on the bed, just about to sleep. I don’t have to sit upright typing in my laptop!

Such a relief. I should have thought of this earlier!

Remember all the things I said about transporting my cycle yesterday, I am not going to do it. I’m going to sell it for 5k and I’m using that 5k to buy plane tickets home! Yay!

I took this decision because the logistics involved in moving a cycle is too much work. Also, I think I need an upgrade. And the Pg owner has been asking for my cycle since last year. So tomorrow, I am taking one last long ride on my beloved, and sell it to a kid so that he can ride her.

Wait, that sounds really wrong. Or, does it?

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