Mobile blogging – Day 82

I am super anxious about going home now. Also, the logistics involved in moving my cycle to Mumbai is freaking me out. I already wrote about this last week, but I can’t help but think about this all over again.

I have three ways by which I can transport my cycle.

1. Train

2. Flight

3. Packers and movers?

The train counterpart is cheap and slightly risky as my cycle might go through a ton of stuff, emotionally and physically in the brake van.

I don’t want to make my beloved go through such turmoil. I also am lazy to enquire about this, or maybe I am too tired that’s why I’m writing this post from my phone, hence the name.

And there goes my grammar for a toss.

I could pack my cycle up nicely and send it via flight which could be a little expensive and my cycle would still have to go through both physical and emotional turmoil, this time however, in a box.

Or I could send it via Packers and movers (I’m not sure if they even accept this).

Looking at all three options, I think the train would be the most feasible one.

This is one tough decision to make.

Or I could anyday sell the cycle. But I probably won’t.

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