Splitting Headache – Day 80

Today has been a very eventful day. On the way to work today, I stopped at a bike repair shop to borrow a spanner. My cycle stand has become very loose and I don’t have a spanner at home. The grumpy young guy was not willing to look into my cycle because he thought it was above it. I asked him for the spanner and told him, I will fix it by myself, I just need a tool.

After tightening the screw on my cycle stand, I handed it back to the grumpy guy who was irritated for some weird reason. He asked for 5 rupees, which I gladly gave. I was going to hand him a ten rupee note, but I think 5 rupees is fair because he was grumpy.

We went on a team outing today. I stuck with my no non veg rule and ate a ton of paneer and mushrooms. I also ate some desserts, which was not on my list initially, given the no sugar diet. But, one day shouldn’t hurt. I didn’t feel any better after eating dessert though.

We then went on to watch Coco. Oscar winning animated feature film. Beautiful film, the play of emotions on screen is absolutely stunning. I was moved by that film, so much so that, I almost even cried.

Now as I write this, I have splitting headache that won’t go away and to make things worse, I traded today and now I am down 1k.

Note to self – Don’t trade when you have a splitting headache.

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