Chores – Day 76

I witnessed the most beautiful sunset today. There were dark clouds hinting at rains all through the day and the sun was not visible at all. At 6PM however, I saw an orange shimmer coming into my room window. And it was BEAUTIFUL! Made my day.

I also feel like writing everyday is becoming a chore for me now. I don’t usually write form my heart now. I just write because I have to. Because I committed to it. Its like a job that you do but don’t like, but can’t quit? Man, I do not know what I am doing.

I also had a very weird dream today. I travel to a unknown dimension in outer space which is so cool. This place has sunlight all the time. Everyone is tracked all the time, with their own GPS System. There are lights all over the place, and authorities are searching for me, because I am an alien in this planet. Really fun dream. I woke up when I was sitting in an alien toilet, contemplating about life.

Talk about strange dreams.

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