Productive Effort – Day 63

I am part of a group called Unofficed which is basically a group of traders and investors. The scope of this group however doesn’t end there. There was a discussion today on passive income in the group, and before I realized the intensity of the situation, I have signed up for an assignment. I am co authoring a book in 7 days. At the end of 7 said days, we will be publishing the book on Amazon, published in the Kindle store.

7 days is very less time to complete a book but I never hesitate from a challenge, do I? I have already started writing the first chapter. I am pretty sure I will be spending all of my waking hours just writing this book and reading it over and over again to remove and minimize errors. This is going to be really really tough. But once this feat is achieved, I think other things would be comparatively easier? Let’s see how that goes.

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