Rest Day – Day 90

Wow, while I write this post, I realized that I actually stuck with my new year resolution of blogging everyday and not eating meat. Positive life changes are a good thing, they reinforce the good things and make you stronger.

As I’m writing this post from my mobile phone and watching star trek, I feel at peace. I have been eating quite a lot of vegetarian food recently though. Thanks to mom. I join work here on Monday. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. It’s not like anyone reads this anyways.

Home – Day 89

I have finally reached home. I am super tired and going to bed. I will update the ongoings of the day, tomorrow morning.

Next day

I am continuing the story the next day. We went to the airport early in the morning on 29th of March. My friends came to see me off. (I miss them)

Once inside the airport, I walked through the baggage counter to check in my luggage. At the counter I realized that the weight of my luggage was 10 kilos over the free luggage limit. The kind lady charged me only for 5 kilos though. I ended up paying 2k for the same. I also asked if I can upgrade to a window seat, which she did, free of additional cost.

I completed my check in procedure and ate an over priced veg sandwich with over priced water and over priced coffee. The boarding was smooth and as soon as I climbed in the plane, I had to take a dump. I had to wait for half an hour for the flight to take off and settle. Old uncles were already in line for the loo. Finally my turn came and the experience was awful. There was no space at all! I couldn’t even sit on the pot. My legs were cramped.

I hate that they don’t have jet sprays. Westernization is not cool always. Also, I asked this really cute air hostess who I asked why there is an ashtray on the inside and outside of the loo door if smoking is absolutely not allowed. Her innocent answer was, people still sneak a cigarette and smoke in the toilet apparently. I did not expect that answer, or maybe she was just trying to push me away. Either way, it worked.

There was a lot of turbulence on the flight. The flight attendees asked me to sit right away at another seat. After a few minutes, I asked her if I can go back to my seat. Like a faithful student asking a teacher. She denied with a smiley frown face. She was cute.

What is with airlines and cute air hostesses? Very distracting.

I ran to my place and she didn’t notice. Now I think she asked me to sit there, because she was flirting with me? I looked into the mirror just now and realized, she wasn’t.

After landing in Mumbai, I took a nice comfortable dump in the international airport terminal. I took my luggage and came home.

What a day!


Farewell, Coimbatore – Day 88

I had the most beautiful farewell today. I got a book of my choice as a gift that was sent to my home directly. I got a beautiful handmade greeting with pictures of our outings together in the past two years. We cut a cake, and today I broke my diet by eating two whole pieces of cake. It was delicious.

Why did I ever stop eating cake?

While I was meeting everyone, bidding them goodbye, until next time. I realized, how much I have come to love this place and the people here. I don’t normally say this, and I would never say this out loud, but the people I have spent the last two years with are the most beautiful, lovable, caring bunch one could ever hope for.

Coimbatore as a place, is wonderful. It’s people, are a notch higher. I almost got a little teary eyed, saying good bye to everyone and all of this happened way too fast to fathom. I almost stumbled on the way outside my office, wanting to go back. There was something pulling me back. I wanted to sit on my specific ergonomic chair, one more time. I wanted to unlock my system, one more time. I wanted to stare into the yellow stick note on my desktop that reminds me to be mindful while I stare away into oblivion. I wanted to make fun of my colleagues, one last time. I wanted to sit down, have a laugh, one last time.

But this longing would be never ending, I would want this life, forever.

Good food, good friends, good work and laughter.

Life, however is all about change. To be mindful of one’s happiness when not lingering on it longer, is key. Same stands true for every other emotion we experience. I on the other hand, couldn’t handle the barrage of emotions I was going through today. It was quite evident from my face that I was super excited and happy – I’m only human.

I am going to miss all of you guys. 🙂

Discussion – Day 87

My friend and hostel mate gave me a treat today. I tried to pay, but he insisted on paying the bill. I had a sumptuous meal of Paneer Fried Rice and Paneer Manchurian while he had Chicken Malabar biryani. The food was really good. This was followed by a good cold drink in a near by shop.

I have known him for a long time. He is one of the few people I can geek out with. He is a good friend. Post our dinner, we were solving the Rubik’s cube while I spurred a discussion on religion and food habits. This discussion went on a downhill spiral from there. It was pretty interesting to watch though. I was an active listener today, taking minimal part in the conversation and if any, only to stir it up a little bit. I completely agreed with one side of the debate and the other part of the debate was not willing to accept new ideas. There was no conclusion to this discussion. While one person completely agreed what the other person was trying to say, the other person could not come to terms with the fact that even though he was agreeing, he was not accepting his supposed truth.

There was also a very bitter comment in bad taste towards the end of the conversation, which was really not cool. That took all my respect for the person away.

You could almost see the anger and anxiety in his actions and eyes, but he wasn’t able to express it.

So much for trying to attain the next level, when we cannot accept the fact that all we are is human.

I know one thing, that we know nothing. 🙂

2 Days – Day 86

Still the same story. If you have read my previous post, you already know I’m excited. To add to that, I’m more excited since now I have only 2 days left to go home.

I had delicious ghee roast dosa today. I am definitely going to miss dosai and eating food on leaf. I am also going to miss my friends from Coimbatore. Most of whom do not know about this blog, because I haven’t told them.

I am going to miss Coimbatore, the weather here has been gentle. Mumbai is not going to be easy. I have had a easy life for the past two years. 15 mins commute everyday surrounded by peacocks, trees, mountains and great weather. This is soon going to be replaced by crowd, more crowd and shitty weather.

But I’m not complaining, as far as I am at home, I’m happy. I haven’t told my Mumbai friends that I’m coming home and I just receive a text from friends asking me to come home in June. I promised them I’ll try.

Little do they know, I will be home in 3 days. xD I’m going to April Fool the shit out of them.

I think it’s for the best they don’t read my blog posts.

3 days – Day 85

There are only 3 days left until I go home, I am super excited. I am so excited, that I cannot sleep! I am super excited.

Considering that I just said the same sentence twice, you might have a fair idea of how excited I really am. VERY!

I have finally booked flight tickets today and there are only 3 days left. I have 6 buyers lined up for buying my cycle, so even if 3 people pass, I still have 3 more people who are willing to buy!

But my dosai routine everyday has gone for a toss now. I have also stopped working out. I hope I start this again once I go home!

I am so excited, I can’t even think of anything to write about!

So, I haven’t told my friends that I am going home, and the timing couldn’t get better. I am going to message them on 1st April, saying let’s meet, I am in town.

If they think, I am fooling them because its 1st April, I will actually meet them and they will have been fooled.

If they actually believe that I am in town and agree to meet, I will tell them I fooled them, because its april’s fool! And then I will meet them later.

This is a Win:2Win situation. 😀


Packing – Day 84

I started packing my bags today, I don’t have a lot of stuff this time. Unlike college, I have grown wise over time. I only had the stuff that I need, and I gave lots of it away to friends who might need it.

I spent the morning riding my bike for the last time, changed the tube, there was a tiny hole in it that was leaking air all throughout. It was a very teeny tiny hole which would take days to empty the whole tyre, but it’s still a hole. Got that fixed for 200 bucks. I’m now waiting for the buyer of the cycle to take the cycle away and pay me.

I came across quite a few memories today, I saw the birthday card friends made for me on different birthday’s. Yes, I carried them with me to Coimbatore, just in case I missed my friends. Ofcourse, I never opened it, until today. I then couldn’t stop reminiscing about the good times.

Oh my how life has changed. 🙂

Selling – Day 83

Boy, this blogging from my phone has really got to me. Now, I can write my daily post when lying on the bed, just about to sleep. I don’t have to sit upright typing in my laptop!

Such a relief. I should have thought of this earlier!

Remember all the things I said about transporting my cycle yesterday, I am not going to do it. I’m going to sell it for 5k and I’m using that 5k to buy plane tickets home! Yay!

I took this decision because the logistics involved in moving a cycle is too much work. Also, I think I need an upgrade. And the Pg owner has been asking for my cycle since last year. So tomorrow, I am taking one last long ride on my beloved, and sell it to a kid so that he can ride her.

Wait, that sounds really wrong. Or, does it?

Mobile blogging – Day 82

I am super anxious about going home now. Also, the logistics involved in moving my cycle to Mumbai is freaking me out. I already wrote about this last week, but I can’t help but think about this all over again.

I have three ways by which I can transport my cycle.

1. Train

2. Flight

3. Packers and movers?

The train counterpart is cheap and slightly risky as my cycle might go through a ton of stuff, emotionally and physically in the brake van.

I don’t want to make my beloved go through such turmoil. I also am lazy to enquire about this, or maybe I am too tired that’s why I’m writing this post from my phone, hence the name.

And there goes my grammar for a toss.

I could pack my cycle up nicely and send it via flight which could be a little expensive and my cycle would still have to go through both physical and emotional turmoil, this time however, in a box.

Or I could send it via Packers and movers (I’m not sure if they even accept this).

Looking at all three options, I think the train would be the most feasible one.

This is one tough decision to make.

Or I could anyday sell the cycle. But I probably won’t.

MUMBAI! – Day 81

They finally found a seat for me in Mumbai, in my desired location. I will now be travelling a gruelling 4 hours everyday to work and back. Even though I am excited to go home, the looming travel itinerary scares me.

I have gravely miscalculated the amount of travel time that I would undergo when travelling from work to home and back. I did not take into consideration traffic and other factors involved in travelling from point A to point B to point C.

Well, even if I am going to be travelling a whole lot more, I am finally glad that I am going home. I will be able to spend time and live with my parents and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.