Good day – Day 59

Today was a good day. 🙂

I had two mind boggling ideas when I was having breakfast this morning.

1. Super special theory of relativity (time moves slow and fast for each person)

2. Kali Yuga

More on these topics later. I noted them down to write them on a future blog post. Watch this space for more.

Tonight, after having a sumptuous meal of Dosai and Full boil, I went to wash my hands. I had my keys and cycle lights on the table when I went to the basin. Like most mess basins, this basin has a broken tap and there is a bucket of water along with a mug to wash hands. On my way back to fetch my keys and cycle lights, I find the hotel waiter Anna inspecting the lights.

Now, I don’t know hotel Anna very well. But I somehow relate to him. He resembles my mom’s maternal cousins who are very caring and super friendly. Like them, he looks dapper, always well dressed, always tucked in. The top two buttons of his shirt are always open, like your typical south Indian uncle. He also sports a moustache and a brown colored maroon gradient spectacle frame. He is the perfect example of a south Indian uncle.

I have been going to this hotel for about a week and a half now and he only talks business. I have never seen him smile, I have been trying to crack hotel Anna for quite some time, trying small talk. But none of it works.

Whenever I enter the hotel, I don’t even have to tell him my order. He knows my routine pretty well now and orders the cook to prepare 2 Dosai and 1 full boil as soon as I enter. Before I know it, there’s a plate with a banana leaf and 2 Dosai in front of me. Even after all this, he doesn’t let a smile escape his person. I ultimately gave up trying to talk to him.

However, today something strange happened. While he was inspecting my cycle lights. I showed him how they work. He was so taken aback that he was laughing with joy. This was the first time I saw him smile. I had finally cracked him, when I thought it was impossible, hotel Anna gave way for a very warm, pleasant smile.

He asked me how much it costs? I said, the pair costs around 1.5k and his expressions went from that of joy to that of surprise. I paid my bill, bid the hotel anna good bye and came back home

Today was a good day. 🙂

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