Routine – Day 58

From the past week, I started following a new dinner routine. I changed my usual dinner place to another place which offers tasty dosa and full boil (sunnyside up palti marke) at an affordable 32 rupees. Compared to my usual place, this new place is prompt in serving food, their chutney is not served cold from the fridge and they have new varieties of chutney every day!

I am so glad that I found this new place. I cycle to this place and on the way back there is a Ganesha temple which has a bunch of old people sitting outside the corridor talking about life. They are present there almost everyday, but they leave early on Friday nights. Because Weekend, duh!

The road I come back on is usually silent and nothing happens there. It is dark and I have to carry lights to illuminate the road. Last week I saved a lady riding pillion from falling off on this dark road. Her shawl was about to get stuck in the drive train of the motorbike when I started frantically ringing my bell and following the couple, blinking my lights and shouting,”Shawl, shawl!!”. There was no one else on the road, so there were no awkward stares by people. The bike almost came to a halt. The girl heard my cue and realized that her shawl was about to get stuck in the bike. She would have had a nasty fall.

She lets off a meager “Thank You”. However, I am already going super fast from before trying to catch up with the bike. Now, I don’t want to lose my momentum. If I slow down to acknowledge her “Thank You”, I have to expend more energy to pedal. I just raise my hand like Saint Baba’s signifying a “No Big Deal”. I don’t even turn back because I am going really fast and I don’t want to trip over a speed breaker.

I then part ways from the couple and go off-road on my fancy ass hybrid mountain bike to my destination.

Your friendly neighborhood IT guy, saves the day! 🙂

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