Red Pill or Blue Pill? – Day 56

Things all around you try to persuade you to do something. Marketing preys on weak minds. Think about it. You open Facebook and scroll through the feed. You go through a variety of different posts which sub consciously makes you do things that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.

It plants a seed of an idea that takes shape and ultimately effects your decision making. You might disagree, but this could be happening and you wouldn’t even know it. Take WhatsApp for instance. Nearly each one of us use WhatsApp, and the new status feature is downright distracting. Sure, they have an option to mute people’s statuses. But you are still occasionally going there and seeing what people are up to. Such is the situation with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and nearly every other social media platform. It creates anxiety, packs it in a box under the wrapper of happiness and gratification, selling it in multitudes. They don’t charge you anything for their service, except your time, attention and precious memory power.

You end up storing vast amounts of pointless information and why? To fill their pockets, while it doesn’t matter to you if price of a headphone slashed from 1999 to 999. It was already 999, they just increased the price and slashed it off showing a 50% discount. Think! This is how these oligopolies make money.

The next time your mind wanders off on an advertisement or any input that catches you off guard. Think about it.

You can either make oligopolies money, or make some for yourself.

Red pill or Blue pill? The choice is yours.

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