Conversation – Day 54

I had a very long and interesting conversation about a lot of things today with a friend. I was parking my cycle and going back up to my room when he asked me what my plans for the weekend were. I said I wanted to finish reading Sapiens this weekend. He asked me what it was about. From there, the conversation started about Charles Darwin, four hours later we just finished discussing (I was more of a listener) the purpose of humankind and how to reach the supreme god head.

The conversation was so full of rich content that I cannot even express how I felt throughout. It started with how Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has loopholes. The conversation then went uphill about Sanatana Dharma (now known as Hinduism). Right from parallel planes of existence, to Demigods, Yuga’s, the lifespan of humans in these Yuga’s.

Long story short, I had a lot of information to digest in 4 hours and my puny mind is still processing a lot of it. One thing I know for sure, my book reading list is going to contain quite a few mythological and spiritual books henceforth.

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