Appraisals – Day 53

Today a lot of us got our Year End Appraisals. A lot of sad faces were seen all over the office. This is what happens when you work your ass off for something in hopes that you might get a good appraisal and you get trolled. Because, if the company gives great appraisals to everyone, the company would go broke. Typical example of why the economy is dwindling and and the huge gap between elite and the middle class.

Watch ‘Inequality for All’ Documentary for more information.

Meanwhile, I was told that my utilization was 100% which was eligible for a decent appraisal. However, if I were to receive great appraisal, my utilization should have been 120%-140%. This is the first time I came to know that something more than 100% can exist apart from the stock market. This implies I must work more hours than the specified working day so that I could achieve great appraisals?

Now lets get down to the details. Typical working hours range from 9 to 6. If 9 hours is considered to be 100% utilization, then to get great appraisal I should be working 120% which is 10.6 hours (including 1 hour of break).

Work life balance goes right down the drain.

“Everyone aboard the money making express? Strive for the best rating!”. Of course, they want you to think that! Because that means their pockets get thicker, sure we get a teeny bit of money that we spend on something that is trivial because – Middle Class.

Then comes the Bell Curve normalization process where if out of 10 employees, 8 of them are excellent performers and work really hard all the time, some of them definitely will be disappointed because normalization doesn’t treat everyone equally. Sigh.

This whole rating fiasco has everyone riled up. But frankly, I wasn’t bothered. I couldn’t care less. Meditation helped, but my mindset was on the big picture rather than flimsy appraisals that barely fill your pocket.

Greed is never ending, mindfulness helps you realize this.

On the way back home yesterday, I noticed a family living out of a makeshift hut, happily drinking broth, making conversation, laughing and having a good time. Two kids were playing with a broken tyre and the adults were sitting in a circle, eating. They were a group of construction workers. They don’t live a life of great luxury, yet they looked happy.

Today, their huts were missing, they have moved on to the next opportunity. They are probably drinking broth, making conversation, laughing and having a good time right this moment, in some foreign place.

They are probably happy.

Are you? 🙂

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