Book Writing? – Day 52

I am thinking of writing a book. Its an ambitious idea like all my other ideas, but I like to think that nothing in this world is impossible. 🙂

Some might argue and I welcome constructive criticisms but negative vibes bounce right off of me. Maybe the daily dose of meditation is paying off? So, about the book. I am thinking something along the lines of science fiction? or maybe mythological fiction? or non fiction? I haven’t really decided yet but I really need to start working on a book.

But before I start writing a book, I need to learn how to type fast. I still do not type the conventional way keeping fingers on ASDF. My fingers are all over the keyboard whenever I type. On second thoughts, maybe the way I type now is the best and I should stick to this? Idk, I am confused. I acknowledge the fact that I am confused. <–Meditation effect.

Amazon Kdp lets you publish for free. But the question still remains. What should I write? Suggestions are welcome. 🙂

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