Goals – Day 51

I leveled up today by meditating for 20 minutes straight. It was tough and my mind was wandering all over. But I did complete it. Yay me.

Even though I have been undergoing drastic changes in my lifestyle, and I am seeing progress, I am still not able to achieve my targets. I just jotted down a rigorous schedule I must follow on all days including weekends with no space for slack and laziness. I think this might wear me out but I am all for the challenge.

Following topics recur in my schedule and my priorities for the next few months are going to revolve around the following general ideas. The main ones being – Machine Learning, Trading, Leisure Reading and writing. My hobbies however will be around the following habits that I am trying to build – reading books on Physics, creating Music (yes, I still haven’t gotten over this), creating a game (that would be so cool), creating Comic/Art.

Also, I am way behind on my 180 books a year target, but I am still optimistic on this goal. Lets see how far this goes. 🙂

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