Intuitive Hair – Day 49

My previous post has a comment by a friend of mine who says long hair increases intuition. I was very intrigued by this idea and I started doing some reading on my own. I read this really interesting article. Give it a read yourself and tell me what you think.

I haven’t cut my hair from December 2016 and it is around the length of my shoulder now. This is the longest I have ever grown my hair. There are quite a few changes that I actively recognize in my life but I never thought that this could be because I grew my hair/ I started doing stuff that I won’t normally do. I started meditating, I quit eating non veg, rather abruptly.

I stopped watching films. I have now stopped eating artificial sweets. I convinced myself that this was because my will power somehow got stronger? My will power has never been this strong for the past 24 years. Is it because I have always cut my hair at regular intervals ever since I was a kid? Is it because this is the longest I have ever been without cutting my hair?

They say hairs are extensions of our neural networks that extends from the spinal cord. Could this be true? If it is true, why are we cutting our hair?

It does sound a bit like psuedo science but what if its true?

Wow, this is a revelation. I am not going to cut my hair from now. Thanks for this insight Sharath.

Guys, please give this article a read.

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