Quantum Computing – Day 46

I attended a meetup at Thoughtworks Coimbatore today on Quantum Computing and Face Recognition / Detection. Quite intriguing, I tell you. I was first introduced to Quantum Computing in the year 2012, and Google’s D Wave was already churning Quantum information in the form of Quantum bits a.k.a Qubits. So unlike traditional /classical computers, quantum computers follow a totally different underlying hardware architecture. Instead of bits, these Quantum computers implement something called Qubits.

We all know how classical bits work. If there is a 1 bit computer (lol), we can have 2 possible states, either 0 or 1 at any given point of time. However, a 1 qubit quantum computer has 2 possible states all the time, i.e. until it is measured. It is a little counter intuitive at first, even I don’t fully understand it yet, but if you consider potential applications of this tech, it is literally mind boggling.

It is based on Quantum physics and borrows a lot from the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. What this principle states is until a given event (which has possible outcomes of 1 or 0) is observed, it is 1 and 0 at the same time. Once the event is observed, it then assumes either 1 or 0.

Now, what really interests me is the applications of Quantum entanglement. Suppose you take an entangled qubit and then you travel an infinite amount of distance. Theoretically, when you change on part of the entangled qubit from 0 to 1, the other should change accordingly depending on the intermediate quantum gate and channels used. So, theoretically the information between two entangled ions transfer instantaneously. Literally!

This defies the laws of fundamental physics and hence they lie in the Quantum realm. Einstein himself claimed Entanglement as ‘Spooky action at a distance’. Because, the information transferred between two entangled ions is FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Yes, you read that right!

Imagine the efficiency of information transfer that is achievable by using this tech! Imagine USB thumb drives of the future carrying 256 Qubits giving us instant access to the Quantum Internet, where all information is truly open, impregnable, fast and free!

P.S – 256 Qubits is a distant dream because the most sophisticated quantum computer just has 50 Qubits and it has to be stored in a super cold box that is extremely cold! Think of this tech as Vaccum tubes of the past before the invention of transistors and NAND gates. The future implications of this tech are tremendous! Read, research and prosper!

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