Work Life Balance? – Day 40

All corporate companies boast of a work life balance but is it all on paper? Do they really adhere to these commitments? I have seen very less people who are truly happy and truly successful at their job. This is a very rare occurrence and almost all of them aren’t bound by restrictions and limits.

My definition of happiness is not just the amount of money you earn or the amount of work you do. It should be a whole lot of other things which includes things you love to do but don’t get paid for. When I see people working 24×7 365, I often wonder what drives them to work so much. Maybe they love work more than anything else in this whole wide beautiful world? Maybe they strive to climb the corporate ladder? But given that there are so many people trying to climb the proverbial ladder, the probability of getting up high reduces drastically. I cannot find a definite answer to these questions and they have been haunting me for quite some time now.

If people know that their probability of climbing the ladder is tiny, given the competition, why do they even try? Why not build your own staircase instead? Better yet, build an elevator!

I often see 30 to 40 year old people with white hair who pull long hours at work. It can’t just be a coincidence or bad genes that all of them have white hair because they are getting old. It must have to do with stress and the amount of work they are handling. It is quite unnatural for a 35 year old person to have white hair, as much as it is unnatural for a fit human being to sit for 10 hours in front of a machine that quite literally runs the world.

Humans have been enjoying work life balance ever since we first evolved. Hunter gatherers only worked for the food and once they ate a deer, they were free to do extra curricular activities that actually make them happy. In this time and age, we are doing something which is completely opposite of what our ancestors did. Working for extensive hours, extra curricular activities – not so much.

In mankind’s eternal search of happiness, are money and work life balance an elegantly crafted global ponzi scheme where both the perpetrator and victim are same?


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