Time – Day 39

Roped in a teeny tiny profit of 15 rupees trading today. I know its a very small amount, but it still helps to boost your motivation. For instance, today I was sitting on an unrealized profit of 200 rupees! But I got greedy and started thinking of unrealistic scenarios where I could make a shit ton of money in one bet and then chill out.

However, trading doesn’t work like that. Its all a game of probability. I had hit my target price which was around 200 rupees and I could have closed the trade and booked that profit. However, greediness overtook me and I did not square off my position.

Result? I lost all of that profit and booked a measly 15 rupees as profit. I am not complaining, because any number in green is any day better than a red. I must adhere to strict targets and stop losses. Timing is everything. If I had waited for 5 more minutes, I could have made 100 rupees but I was hasty because everything pointed that I was going to lose money. I think I need more of Philakone’s videos.

I am behind on a lot of things I thought I would do this month. There is so much to do and so less time.

Although, you must persevere. Come what may.

I know my posts aren’t worth a read and I really appreciate it if you still read my blog, but this is like a journal I write for myself. If I write a blog post that I think is worth sharing, I will definitely share it with you, my faithful reader. 🙂

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