Silence – Day 37

One of the advantages of having a canker sore is that you don’t have to talk to people often. People do not bother asking you silly questions or engaging you in a pointless conversation if they know that every time you speak, you hurt. Literally.

I have been exploiting this trait to the maximum. It has also helped me think twice before talking to someone. Thanks to meditation, a clear mind keeps me focused and busy at the task at hand.

I have created a checklist now, which reinforces the way I interact with people. Only when all the checklist options have been signed off do I initiate the conversation.

PFB points for reference.

  1. Is this of importance to me/other person?
  2. Does the other person really need to know this?
  3. Will it affect the other person’s mood significantly in a negative way? (this is tricky)
  4. Will I/other person have a meaningful conversation revolving around this topic?

Keeping these points handy keeps me and my canker sore in check. Because less unnecessary conversations equals less bullshit equals clear head. 🙂

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