What to Eat and What not to Eat? – Day 35

“How on earth do I get mouth ulcers when I haven’t had meat in a month!”, I asked my room mate.

“Probably, something wrong with digestion?”, he replied.

I recalled that I did have 3 samosas with cake and some stupid juice the previous day. I also skipped dinner, because hey I had 3 samosas with cake and some stupid juice!

There are several possibilities on the cause of my mouth ulcer, which is extremely painful. There are several solutions to this as well, but I am not sure which is the correct way. So I’m going to do all of them. This process might cost me some money.

1. Eating too many eggs.

Problem – I did eat too many eggs this past week. So there could be unnecessary heat in my body looking for a way out which ultimately took the form of a mouth ulcer.

Solution – Eating lots of banana’s and banana milk shakes and some more bananas with curd rice.

2. Indigestion due to samosa.

Problem – I had 3 samosas which were cold and probably not in the best of shape which might have led to indigestion and mouth ulcers.

Solution – Again, Bananas and Pani Puri. Pani Puri? Yes! My room mate suggested this and turns out, its great for digestion – The Pani in the Puri.

3. Iron deficiency.

Problem – I was a healthy chicken consumer which provided all the necessary iron content to sustain my lifestyle. However, when I stopped eating chicken abruptly and ate only Dosai, the iron content was lost.

Solution – Start eating chicken again / Eat lots of spinach, regularly. Eat other food that has plenty of iron content.

All three data points look valid enough to me, I think I would have to wait it out and find what the solution to this tragedy is.

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