Ups and Downs – Day 33

As I write this post, there have been a lot of ups and downs in my life, within a matter of 2 hours. I bought crude futures for what I thought to be a good amount at that moment. However, the market doesn’t listen to anyone. The moment you think you are the best, the market makes you realize that you aren’t. It lifts you up and puts you right down WITHOUT ANY WARNING. This is why most people stay away from the market. But we aren’t most people, are we? We like a good challenge.

Market keeps you humble. Markets might test and try to drive you insane at some point. But if you sail those waves, you emerge a more peaceful, calm human. Markets are great teachers, Not the kind that hit you on the knuckles with a wooden ruler if you don’t do your homework, rather they try to stab you with a Rampuri if you don’t do your homework.

Your now have four options.

1. Die (Blow up your account)

2. Get a cut from the knife and manage to escape while you assure the teacher that you will do homework next time (Not blowing up your account. Cutting losses short)

3. Learn the teacher’s usual tactics and dodge them elegantly. (Cutting losses short and letting your winners run. Buy low, Sell high and vice versa.)

4. Run away (Run away)

A lot of people go through a near death experience through option 1 and then chose option 4. The key in trading is to keep learning all the time and to persevere.


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