Brain Infiltration – Day 32

Humans are the only species who teach themselves to follow a certain set of rules. Bees, ants and so many other species learn stuff at birth as it is embedded in their DNA to do a particular thing in a particular way.

We however, do a multitude of things only after it has been taught to us. I couldn’t ride a bike or code when I was born. I was taught to ride a bike; coding I learned on my own. But this transfer of knowledge is not effective either. We tend to forget a lot of things over a period of time and usually over ride that information with something else. However, what if there was a way we could transfer all the information that we wish our children to know, when they are in the womb or better yet, even before they are inseminated.

This is a very complex process, but if this is achieved, Elon Musk’s idea of cyborgs could be totally ruled out. Humans would then be biologically equipped to do things that computers of this generations cannot (in terms of crunching data).

So how do we achieve this? Simple, we take a willing human subject that is ready for their kid to be the first in the super smart next generation of species. We may start with inserting a simple language into the human subject and then let him reproduce with another willing human subject who will also be inserted with the same language. The result could be an offspring that knows this particular language, effortlessly on birth.

I know this sounds like a very vague idea and I might be overreaching here, but hey, so did the wright brothers, am i right? A lot of bio hacking needs to be done to achieve this insane feat. A lot of tweaking in the human DNA and the genome, but if this actually works out, we can pump up the information from one language to all available information and data on the planet.

This might lead to the extinction of current generation dumb humans. These bio hacked artificially intelligent species will have some resemblance to a typical human offspring, which is any day better than robots ruling the world.

Source of Idea – Sapiens

DR – 8/10

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