Good day – Day 59

Today was a good day. 🙂

I had two mind boggling ideas when I was having breakfast this morning.

1. Super special theory of relativity (time moves slow and fast for each person)

2. Kali Yuga

More on these topics later. I noted them down to write them on a future blog post. Watch this space for more.

Tonight, after having a sumptuous meal of Dosai and Full boil, I went to wash my hands. I had my keys and cycle lights on the table when I went to the basin. Like most mess basins, this basin has a broken tap and there is a bucket of water along with a mug to wash hands. On my way back to fetch my keys and cycle lights, I find the hotel waiter Anna inspecting the lights.

Now, I don’t know hotel Anna very well. But I somehow relate to him. He resembles my mom’s maternal cousins who are very caring and super friendly. Like them, he looks dapper, always well dressed, always tucked in. The top two buttons of his shirt are always open, like your typical south Indian uncle. He also sports a moustache and a brown colored maroon gradient spectacle frame. He is the perfect example of a south Indian uncle.

I have been going to this hotel for about a week and a half now and he only talks business. I have never seen him smile, I have been trying to crack hotel Anna for quite some time, trying small talk. But none of it works.

Whenever I enter the hotel, I don’t even have to tell him my order. He knows my routine pretty well now and orders the cook to prepare 2 Dosai and 1 full boil as soon as I enter. Before I know it, there’s a plate with a banana leaf and 2 Dosai in front of me. Even after all this, he doesn’t let a smile escape his person. I ultimately gave up trying to talk to him.

However, today something strange happened. While he was inspecting my cycle lights. I showed him how they work. He was so taken aback that he was laughing with joy. This was the first time I saw him smile. I had finally cracked him, when I thought it was impossible, hotel Anna gave way for a very warm, pleasant smile.

He asked me how much it costs? I said, the pair costs around 1.5k and his expressions went from that of joy to that of surprise. I paid my bill, bid the hotel anna good bye and came back home

Today was a good day. 🙂

Routine – Day 58

From the past week, I started following a new dinner routine. I changed my usual dinner place to another place which offers tasty dosa and full boil (sunnyside up palti marke) at an affordable 32 rupees. Compared to my usual place, this new place is prompt in serving food, their chutney is not served cold from the fridge and they have new varieties of chutney every day!

I am so glad that I found this new place. I cycle to this place and on the way back there is a Ganesha temple which has a bunch of old people sitting outside the corridor talking about life. They are present there almost everyday, but they leave early on Friday nights. Because Weekend, duh!

The road I come back on is usually silent and nothing happens there. It is dark and I have to carry lights to illuminate the road. Last week I saved a lady riding pillion from falling off on this dark road. Her shawl was about to get stuck in the drive train of the motorbike when I started frantically ringing my bell and following the couple, blinking my lights and shouting,”Shawl, shawl!!”. There was no one else on the road, so there were no awkward stares by people. The bike almost came to a halt. The girl heard my cue and realized that her shawl was about to get stuck in the bike. She would have had a nasty fall.

She lets off a meager “Thank You”. However, I am already going super fast from before trying to catch up with the bike. Now, I don’t want to lose my momentum. If I slow down to acknowledge her “Thank You”, I have to expend more energy to pedal. I just raise my hand like Saint Baba’s signifying a “No Big Deal”. I don’t even turn back because I am going really fast and I don’t want to trip over a speed breaker.

I then part ways from the couple and go off-road on my fancy ass hybrid mountain bike to my destination.

Your friendly neighborhood IT guy, saves the day! 🙂

Childhood friend – Day 57

I was sitting in front of my computer with a blank screen, thinking what to write today. My phone started ringing, it was an unknown number. It was my childhood friend calling from a jio number (like we all do). It has been months since we last spoke and I almost never call anybody, except my parents and work related calls.

I said the same thing to her when she asked why I don’t call her often. But you know how childhood friends are. They just don’t listen. So, I am supposed to call her often even if I don’t call anyone else. Haha, like that’s going to happen. 😛

Also, if I do speak on phone calls, I do not speak for more than 5 minutes. The maximum I stretch is 10. Under very rare scenarios would calls go longer than that. However, today’s call went up to a whooping 13 minutes! I am not complaining though. It is nice to talk to people once in a while and when they are childhood best friends, it is all the more better. 🙂

As I write this post, there is a strong smell of spices going right through my nostrils. It smells like the perfect chicken masala with the right amount of spice. Someone in my pg is cooking a very delicious dish. However, I cannot ask them for it because I don’t eat chicken anymore. Also, I am trying to curb any and all temptations I have.

My mouth is watering right now. I cannot concentrate on crude. The price action is unreadable and I think this serves as a lesson on why one must not trade when tempted.

Red Pill or Blue Pill? – Day 56

Things all around you try to persuade you to do something. Marketing preys on weak minds. Think about it. You open Facebook and scroll through the feed. You go through a variety of different posts which sub consciously makes you do things that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.

It plants a seed of an idea that takes shape and ultimately effects your decision making. You might disagree, but this could be happening and you wouldn’t even know it. Take WhatsApp for instance. Nearly each one of us use WhatsApp, and the new status feature is downright distracting. Sure, they have an option to mute people’s statuses. But you are still occasionally going there and seeing what people are up to. Such is the situation with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and nearly every other social media platform. It creates anxiety, packs it in a box under the wrapper of happiness and gratification, selling it in multitudes. They don’t charge you anything for their service, except your time, attention and precious memory power.

You end up storing vast amounts of pointless information and why? To fill their pockets, while it doesn’t matter to you if price of a headphone slashed from 1999 to 999. It was already 999, they just increased the price and slashed it off showing a 50% discount. Think! This is how these oligopolies make money.

The next time your mind wanders off on an advertisement or any input that catches you off guard. Think about it.

You can either make oligopolies money, or make some for yourself.

Red pill or Blue pill? The choice is yours.

I missed a day! – Day 55

I was so lost in thoughts yesterday that I was not mindful for the rest of the day, except the brief 20 minutes in the morning when I meditated. I was all over YouTube watching random videos. I did nothing productive yesterday (Day 54). I am writing about yesterday, today.

I did wash a whole bunch of clothes and ate a tuna sandwich because I needed proteins. To get the tuna sandwich, I cycled 8 kms. So apart from that, I was very unproductive. I decided I would be productive at least today but I woke up super late and skipped breakfast.

I did meditate though. Let’s see how today goes.

Conversation – Day 54

I had a very long and interesting conversation about a lot of things today with a friend. I was parking my cycle and going back up to my room when he asked me what my plans for the weekend were. I said I wanted to finish reading Sapiens this weekend. He asked me what it was about. From there, the conversation started about Charles Darwin, four hours later we just finished discussing (I was more of a listener) the purpose of humankind and how to reach the supreme god head.

The conversation was so full of rich content that I cannot even express how I felt throughout. It started with how Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has loopholes. The conversation then went uphill about Sanatana Dharma (now known as Hinduism). Right from parallel planes of existence, to Demigods, Yuga’s, the lifespan of humans in these Yuga’s.

Long story short, I had a lot of information to digest in 4 hours and my puny mind is still processing a lot of it. One thing I know for sure, my book reading list is going to contain quite a few mythological and spiritual books henceforth.

Appraisals – Day 53

Today a lot of us got our Year End Appraisals. A lot of sad faces were seen all over the office. This is what happens when you work your ass off for something in hopes that you might get a good appraisal and you get trolled. Because, if the company gives great appraisals to everyone, the company would go broke. Typical example of why the economy is dwindling and and the huge gap between elite and the middle class.

Watch ‘Inequality for All’ Documentary for more information.

Meanwhile, I was told that my utilization was 100% which was eligible for a decent appraisal. However, if I were to receive great appraisal, my utilization should have been 120%-140%. This is the first time I came to know that something more than 100% can exist apart from the stock market. This implies I must work more hours than the specified working day so that I could achieve great appraisals?

Now lets get down to the details. Typical working hours range from 9 to 6. If 9 hours is considered to be 100% utilization, then to get great appraisal I should be working 120% which is 10.6 hours (including 1 hour of break).

Work life balance goes right down the drain.

“Everyone aboard the money making express? Strive for the best rating!”. Of course, they want you to think that! Because that means their pockets get thicker, sure we get a teeny bit of money that we spend on something that is trivial because – Middle Class.

Then comes the Bell Curve normalization process where if out of 10 employees, 8 of them are excellent performers and work really hard all the time, some of them definitely will be disappointed because normalization doesn’t treat everyone equally. Sigh.

This whole rating fiasco has everyone riled up. But frankly, I wasn’t bothered. I couldn’t care less. Meditation helped, but my mindset was on the big picture rather than flimsy appraisals that barely fill your pocket.

Greed is never ending, mindfulness helps you realize this.

On the way back home yesterday, I noticed a family living out of a makeshift hut, happily drinking broth, making conversation, laughing and having a good time. Two kids were playing with a broken tyre and the adults were sitting in a circle, eating. They were a group of construction workers. They don’t live a life of great luxury, yet they looked happy.

Today, their huts were missing, they have moved on to the next opportunity. They are probably drinking broth, making conversation, laughing and having a good time right this moment, in some foreign place.

They are probably happy.

Are you? 🙂

Book Writing? – Day 52

I am thinking of writing a book. Its an ambitious idea like all my other ideas, but I like to think that nothing in this world is impossible. 🙂

Some might argue and I welcome constructive criticisms but negative vibes bounce right off of me. Maybe the daily dose of meditation is paying off? So, about the book. I am thinking something along the lines of science fiction? or maybe mythological fiction? or non fiction? I haven’t really decided yet but I really need to start working on a book.

But before I start writing a book, I need to learn how to type fast. I still do not type the conventional way keeping fingers on ASDF. My fingers are all over the keyboard whenever I type. On second thoughts, maybe the way I type now is the best and I should stick to this? Idk, I am confused. I acknowledge the fact that I am confused. <–Meditation effect.

Amazon Kdp lets you publish for free. But the question still remains. What should I write? Suggestions are welcome. 🙂

Goals – Day 51

I leveled up today by meditating for 20 minutes straight. It was tough and my mind was wandering all over. But I did complete it. Yay me.

Even though I have been undergoing drastic changes in my lifestyle, and I am seeing progress, I am still not able to achieve my targets. I just jotted down a rigorous schedule I must follow on all days including weekends with no space for slack and laziness. I think this might wear me out but I am all for the challenge.

Following topics recur in my schedule and my priorities for the next few months are going to revolve around the following general ideas. The main ones being – Machine Learning, Trading, Leisure Reading and writing. My hobbies however will be around the following habits that I am trying to build – reading books on Physics, creating Music (yes, I still haven’t gotten over this), creating a game (that would be so cool), creating Comic/Art.

Also, I am way behind on my 180 books a year target, but I am still optimistic on this goal. Lets see how far this goes. 🙂

Calm – Day 50

I have been blogging everyday for the past 50 days and I have been meditating everyday for the past 20 days. I can see a clear difference between the me last December and me today. If you are reading this and you feel something isn’t right with your life, I urge you to give meditation a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to lose. But if it does work, your mind will be more focused and calm, at all times.

In fact, my mind is so calm right now that I cannot think of anything to write.

Take 10 seconds off while you are reading this.

Breathe in and Breathe out 10 times while counting each inhalation and exhalation.

Even if your mind lingers off, acknowledge that thought and come back to your breath.

1. Breathe in, Breathe out.

2. Breathe in, Breathe out.

3. Breathe in, Breathe out.

4. Breathe in, Breathe out.

5. Breathe in, Breathe out.


Let your mind linger on that thought of calm for a while. 🙂