How to read 180 books a year – Day 22

I have successfully completed 21 days of writing every single day, I hope this continues to be a habit now.

I came across a very interesting article today. Please give it a read as this whole post is going to revolve around this article.


Considering that you have read the article I proceed with the math required to achieve this superhuman feat.

My average reading speed – A humble 200 wpm.

  • 200 books * 50,000 words/book = 10 million words
  • 10 million words/200 wpm = 50,000 minutes
  • 50,000 minutes/60 = 833 hours
  • 833 hours/12 = 70 hours per month
  • 70/30 = 2.3 hours a day. Wow.
  • 50,000/200 = 250 minutes = 4 – 5 hours / book

So going by that, one must finish reading a book every two days, 15 books a month. 180 books a year. This does sound like a very vague optimistic dreamy idea right?

Challenge accepted, as Neal Patrick Harris famously said. Starting from today, I am going to try and finish one book every two days. I have never done this before and I am scared. If you wish to undertake this challenge with me, drop a comment or send me a message and I will add you as a participant in this custom Google Sheet I prepared and give you access with a dedicated column of your name. You can track other participants and recommend books or ask for book suggestions. I have already added books that I am reading right now and the book I have finished reading this month.

Lets see how much truth is there in Warren Buffet’s claims. 😉

P.S. – I will also be doing a brief review all of the books I read. Amazon is going to regret giving me Kindle unlimited subscription for 169/month. 🙂

McAfee Sucks – Day 21

I spent a good part of my morning and the whole afternoon trying to fix my laptop because Windows 10 did an automatic upgrade without consulting me. Fucking windows.

Disclaimer – There is going to be a lot of swearing in this rant. If you are a pregnant lady, a kid or have weak nerves, stop reading NOW.

As I was saying, windows 10 started updating my laptop and it took a good three fucking hours to complete its shit ton of a process. After successfully updating my computer to a shitty upgrade, I could not connect to the internet. Surely enough, like all problems in Life, I COULD NOT GO TO THE INTERNET TO SOLVE MY FUCKING PROBLEM BECAUSE THE INTERNET WAS NOT FUCKING WORKING!

I took my measly phone and I searched for a solution, only to find that the expired antivirus in my computer that I have never used is creating unprecedented problems for me. I had to roll back the update which again took 1 hour. I thought all my problems are solved.

I fired up my browser and launched YouTube. Everything was working fine, I went back to watching Rick and Morty. Beth used a complex word I had to google, so I tried searching it, and guess what? THE INTERNET WAS NOT WORKING, AGAIN!

Turns out, these fucking cunts at McAfee took over my firewall and personalized it. Cock sucking stupid ass little pieces of shits. I was about to go all guns blazing on their twitter handle, but I thought I could give it another try.

Let me tell you, they are aware of this firewall problem and they have a SPECIAL uninstall software JUST for this scenario. Oh, I was also unable to remove it from Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program. So I ran the MCPR.exe which I think stands for McAfee Cunts Piss Rocks. They give a warning that you must install your software traditionally but its a sham. I ran the program and McAfee was finally deleted from my system, for good. Never using McAfee again.

I went back to watching Rick and Morty.

I think I am transforming into Rick. Who cares. *burps*

Wubba lubba dub dub.

Rick and Morty – Day 20

18:30 – I don’t know who that one person is who reads my blog faithfully everyday, if you are that person! Please let me know. I am not motivated to write everyday any longer.

I think I am going to cut this series short. But hey, its been a great 20 days.

19:30 – Ignore all of the stuff above. I just watched an episode of Rick and Morty. I am motivated again! I admire the creators of the show.

For those of who are uninitiated, Rick and Morty is a science fiction cartoon show which is not suitable for kids. Rick is an old scientist and Morty is his grandchild; together they on adventures in our vast multiverse. Their adventures are really interesting as they portray a lot of scientific theory and speculation. Moreover, the show is downright funny.

Typical examples of other planets – Planet of Farts and asses. Planet where hamsters live out of people’s butts. Planet full of gear people. Planet with telepathic spiders. Planet that is specifically created to generate power in car battery, etc. You get the drift. Go watch Rick and Morty now!

Also, piracy is bad.


Steemit – Day 19

I stumbled on this really cool website called Steemit. It is basically a blockchain system for bloggers and content creators. You actually get paid if you create good content and if people like it. You also get paid for a number of things done right on steemit.

After registration, they usually take about a week to accept your registration. They also give you a secret password key which if you lose, you are locked out of your account. Basically like losing a bitcoin private key. SO KEEP YOUR KEY SAFE because there is no going back.

1 Steemit equals about 5 USD now. Yes, it is more expensive than Ripple.

The Indian community has not caught up with steemit, couldn’t find a lot of Indians there. I have yet to figure how their reward system works, but I have already created a steemit account! Follow me here!

Looking forward to steemit!

Caffeine substitutes – Day 18

Days like these are tough. Twelve hour work day’s are when I cannot drink my average 5 litres of water, because too much work. Drinking plenty of water is as good as coffee, if not better. Also, there are no withdrawal symptoms, no side effects and no headaches. Frequent bathroom visits might be required, depending on the badassness of your bladder. A long day  at work must be accompanied with lots of water so that your brain stays happy and not dehydrated.

It all started when my college mate introduced me to the world of black coffee. Few hours of sleep? No problem, one shot of espresso and you are set! This was a new high, I could achieve anything after drinking a shot of espresso. This joy was short lived. Caffeine kicks drop very quick and brings you crashing down. This leads to drinking coffee after coffee, day in day out.

Fast forward 3 years.

Free CCD Coffee Machine at work did not make this any better. One shot of espresso graduated to two shots, with 3 spoon sugar.

Fast forward 3 months – One shot of espresso with two cups of hot water (without sugar)

Fast forward 2 months – Green tea with hot water

Fast forward 1 month till date – Hot water

My journey of drinking substances that make you active has come a long way, and I have finally concluded that Water is as good as it gets.

The water that you drink, is more than a BILLION years old. Let that sink in.

So, the next time you drink water, think about how old that substance is.

Maybe you’ll value it more.

Technology – Day 17

When you consciously chose not to use technology, you start noticing so many things around you. You interact with people, try to gauge their emotions, even judge them sometimes. Judging people is bad, they say. However, everybody does it. Just because someone says explicitly that they don’t judge someone, doesn’t mean they aren’t actually doing it in their head. Except me, I don’t judge people. Or do I?

Technology is all around us. But when you get out of this technology, you realize beauty outside of Facebook and Instagram. You experience actual beauty and not behind a screen of film reflecting synthetic light. Your idle mind is uninterested in the infinite feed on your phone. It is led to believe this never ending scroll is actually beneficial for you.

Guess what? It isn’t. Mark Zuckerberg would agree.

I recently read this article where the founder of Facebook agrees that people are spending a lot of time on Facebook. He plans on doing some positive changes which might result in people spending less time on this colossal social network (speculate possible drop in revenue).

Rest assured, there is no guarantee that this radical step by the social media giant could satiate your hunger for scroll. You might end up spending more time on it than you ever did before.

It’s up to you, to limit scrolling up to 1 metre a day. You could also go cold turkey, but that is only meant for people with figurative balls of steel.


Meatless – Day 16

I have not had meat for 16 days now. I think this is the longest I have stayed away from meat in the past 6 years. My daily diet used to be chicken every single day for dinner. I was so ruthless that I could go to the butchers, see them cut the chicken right in front of me and still eat it with no remorse. Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays were all the same to me.

I still remember the first time I hesitated eating chicken when I was in the fifth grade and I had gone to the butchers. But that was it, only a moment of empathy for the chicken when I was a kid. I had never shown any emotions towards the species up until now. They sacrifice a lot of things for human kind.

What other creature is so humble to do so much for human kind and not ask for anything in return but a few grains?

I think my first pet is going to be a chicken. Thoughts?


Divide – Day 15

While I was occupied in thoughts this evening, walking around the terrace, on the third day of Pongal. I read through a very intriguing story. This is my interpretation of the ongoings of our neighboring house based on the below click.

I am unsure of the clarity of the image. Let me describe the on goings first. On the left most part of this image is a family, together celebrating Maatu Pongal and on the right most part you see an old man carrying hay.

While one happy family celebrates an auspicious festival with joy, another man has to work. Whatever his predicament might be, to work on a day that is bound to be spent with family and cattle, is sad.

I can relate to that man, because even though I am not working today, I am miles away from my family. Only because of one reason – Work.

This is the economic divide we live in. What are we doing to make it better?

Crypto Trading – Day 14

There is a lot of hype going around cryptocurrencies, and with the amount of crypto currencies that are coming out right now, everyone is confused on which coin to invest in. Or is investing in coins a sane option? The answer is, I dont know – yet. But what I do know, trading them can be quite profitable.

I had a very captivating discussion with a college friend yesterday who knows quite a bit about crypto and I registered on a few crypto trading websites. They have amazing charts and TA (Technical Analysis) – better than what my current stock broker offers, for a fraction of the cost and guess what? No tax!

Well, you might have to pay SCGT (Short term capital gain tax) after realizing some profits in crypto. There are no transaction taxes like STT, GST or SEBI charges, because these exchanges are not regulated by a governing body. They could run away with your money if they want to, but I like to think that they won’t. It is human tendency to think that bad things won’t happen to them. Based on this fact, people who short sell make a lot of money if and when they are right.

There are only maker and taker fees in crypto exchanges, which in itself is a pretty cool concept. I’m not going to delve into that now, you can always google it. Also, I haven’t started trading crypto yet, so I am not an expert on this. I am learning on how to trade crypto from this YouTube channel and this Twitter handle. Twitter has a great crypto community.

So, if you are interested in trading or cryptocurrencies, hit me up and lets make some munnnyyyy!

Dogs and Humans – Day 13

My cycle tyre has been wobbling for the past few days despite of the full service I did last Saturday – which cost me a whopping Rs. 1705 which, to be honest, is a bit much for a cycle. But I am trying to save the planet, so its okay.

I went to the Decathlon shop today which is 15 kms away. The ride was pleasant and calm. I met a fairly elder man at the store, he was buying a cycle. We started talking and I asked if that cycle was for his children. Turns out, it was for him! He looked like he was well over 60. He is trying to get fit, he said. Commendable activity, for a guy so old and well off in life.

On the way back I noticed a dog barking at me. Because I looked like this.

I admit I look weird. If I were a dog, I would bark at me. I do not really blame the dogs there, but there is one thing I noticed. The dogs that do bark at me, are the one’s who are well fed, looking to pick a fight. The hungry dogs do not give a rat’s ass about me. To test this, I went up to a dog searching for food in the same attire as in the above picture and the dog did nothing to me, he looked at me and didn’t even bat an eye, got back in the trash immersed in his search for food. The sad part is, I met a lot of hungry dogs than dogs trying to pick a fight.

Humans are no different, rich and affluent make the most noise, picking fights; the working class is eternally searching for food.

It is animal nature to be scared of change and unusual things, but not on an empty stomach.

P.S. –

I came across this quote in the Decathlon washroom. Yes, in the toilet. Right next to the water spray, there is a quote which tries to motivate you, while you take a dump. Typical Decathlon.