MonthEnd – Day 31

Today was a very eventful day. When I was taking out my cycle on the way to work, the cook at my usual hotel stopped me and asked why his Facebook app wasn’t working as expected. I said I do not know, because I do not use Facebook. He was shocked. I suggested that he uninstall and reinstall the app, but I am not quite sure he understood that.

Yesterday, my mom told me that I shouldn’t eat between 6 to 9 today because of the Lunar Eclipse. I am really hungry right this moment and I am probably going to stuff my stomach with delicious good food aka Dosai.

Tomorrow is the first of February which marks one complete month of me writing everyday after starting this blog. *pats self on back* Self praise is important. So is self loathe and self pity, not necessarily in that order.

DR – 7/10

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