Downsizing – Day 27.1

Spoiler alert – This post contains spoilers

I watched the film Downsizing today. I have wanted to watch this film from a long time. I have been toying with the idea of how much space one would get if we were actually very tiny ever since I was a kid.

The reviews of the film aren’t great but I absolutely loved it. Probably because this is the only film I watched this month. Also, I decided to not watch films at all this year. This gives me more time to do stuff that are actually productive. However, my creative side has been taking a back seat. No matter the amount of blog posts I churn out, I still lack the regular insights I used to get from films. I am BIG film fanatic, I used to watch 2-3 films on weekends and many more on weekdays. Those were the days.

Downsizing is about an invention by a scientist who manages to shrink people like the hit 90s TV – Honey I shrunk the kids! But here, they shrink everyone and people opt voluntarily to be shrunk because the value of your bank account increases when you are the size of a finger.

On the outset, people lead lavish lives, nobody works, they party all the time. Then comes the poor people that somehow manage to shrink themselves but are not allowed in gated cities which are protected from animals and insects. So, the people get smuggled in TV boxes and what not. There are lot of things that are not addressed in the film and leaves the audience hanging. The story then pivots towards a slightly 3rd world miniature city where smuggled immigrants live out of giant make shift boxes. Matt Damon then meets a cleaning lady and falls in love with her, not right away, but eventually. All thanks to his rich friendly neighbor who takes them on a trip to Norway.

The people from Norway have a very doomsday-ish outlook and think the world is going to end. So they build a small tunnel which goes very very deep where they plan on continuing the human race for around 8000 years. That’s a lot of years living in a hole.

Our protagonist and his love chose not to go in the hole and instead help people, which makes you feel warm and fuzzy. The film ends with Matt Damon giving food to a tiny homeless guy watching normal sized television in a normal sized box, which translates to a homeless guy watching theatre sized television in a big hall which is actually the verandah of a big housing colony where lots of people live. The end.

I think I am going to watch 12 films this year, or 24 hours of films. One day a year for films sounds fair.

Films are great, but too many films make you flimsy.

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