Brutus – Day 26

Today has been a very eventful day so far, I finished reading two books that I started and came in close contact with a poisonous centipede which is also called as Puran in Tamil.

Super Human by Habit (Tynan)

This book is a life saver for procrastinators, it is a very practical book accompanied with a generic idea of habits that one should ideally implement to make life better. The methods mentioned in the book are tried and tested, I have also read the same methods in multiple articles, all over. In fact, I have also implemented some of these habits. Change is good. Go ahead and read this book, it won’t disappoint you.

Julius Caesar (Shakespeare)

I have heard people use ‘Et tu Brutus?’ a lot of times, especially in and around my workplace. I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was all about. Now that I have read the book / act / play, it is beautifully written. But the plebeian’s (old roman commoners) are downright plain stupid. Going whichever direction, whoever provokes them to, be it Brutus or Antony or Caesar himself. Come to think of it, so are the masses in our present time.

The old English was tough to read, really really tough. It was as if I am reading a dream. I quite literally felt like I was reading in a dream, which is a thing I like about old English. O, and the drama! (Do you see how I used O instead of Oh there? xD)

Thanks to this website, I was able to finish reading it in a less dreamy way. Still worth the read.

I really need a catchphrase to end my posts with. I also need a rubber band to tie my hair. Suggestions?

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