Information Overload – Day 25

Three days ago I embarked on a journey to finish 1 book every other day. Since then I have been reading books whenever I find the time, eating, before sleeping, after waking up and whenever I feel my mind wandering away. I have been reading two books now, The Blockchain Alternative and Super human by habit and I already feel I have read too much of both of these books.

I am going to tweak the challenge a little, instead of completing 1 book every two days, i will complete 15 books every month, which ultimately at the end of the year, amounts to the same number. Too much of one idea / topic / might bore me. It is also very exhausting, atleast for starters. Too much of an idea, all at once when you have a headache and lack sleep, is a recipe for disaster.

But hey, I am still going to try that recipe, because that’s what I do.

Peace out. *drops imaginary mic*

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