Podcasts – Day 24

Podcasts are a great way to make the most of your time, especially when you are commuting. My daily commute rounds up to a total of 30 minutes cycle ride from work and back. This is the most unproductive part of my day. I then came across this great invention by humankind – podcasts.

Now, I am jamming to some podcast or the other, on my way to work and back. I am a big fan of the Kevin Rose Show, mainly because he covers a wide array of topics in his sessions with guests. Sessions range from bio hacking to growth hacking to stoicism. The most recent podcast I listened to was on stoicism which is a pretty insightful and a very practical way of life, adopted by ancient Greeks and Romans. To know more about Stoics and Stoicism, follow ‘The Daily Stoic’ on Twitter.

Podcasts are however a great substitute to video interviews, you are not distracted by the video and the podcast has your complete undivided attention. I recommend downloading the ‘Podcast Addict’ app, which has every possible podcast on the internet.

Podcasts are the best. So are audio books, but audible expensive. Kindle unlimited zindabaad.

Recommended apps – Podcast Addict, Librivox

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