Twice Written (Book Review) – Day 23

Written by a theoretical physicist, this book wounds around the life of three young people trying to find meaning in life. Loaded with philosophical thoughts that typical teenagers don’t really have, at least I didn’t when I was a teenager.

Set in South Bombay in the 80s, the author makes a very good job of writing things as they were. I think this book is underrated on goodreads – 3.6/5. I would definitely rate it a 4.3. But then again, I haven’t read that many books.

There is a particular character in the book who goes by the name Dorai. His presence in the book undergoes a very positive transformation from mysterious and detached to spiritual and cozy. There is a particular book that the author mentions, which is present in Dorai’s library – The Serpent Power written by Arthur Avalon / Sir John Woodroffe. Coincidentally, I had bought a book around 7 years ago, called The World as Power written by the same author in the early 1930s.

It is not a famous book, with only 4 ratings on goodreads, but very insightful. The English used in the book is so intense that I have to find the dictionary after every two lines. This book might take some time to finish. I’m also reading two other books side by side. More on that later.

P.S – Don’t YouTube/Instagram/Facebook, instead read a book. 🙂

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