How to read 180 books a year – Day 22

I have successfully completed 21 days of writing every single day, I hope this continues to be a habit now.

I came across a very interesting article today. Please give it a read as this whole post is going to revolve around this article.


Considering that you have read the article I proceed with the math required to achieve this superhuman feat.

My average reading speed – A humble 200 wpm.

  • 200 books * 50,000 words/book = 10 million words
  • 10 million words/200 wpm = 50,000 minutes
  • 50,000 minutes/60 = 833 hours
  • 833 hours/12 = 70 hours per month
  • 70/30 = 2.3 hours a day. Wow.
  • 50,000/200 = 250 minutes = 4 – 5 hours / book

So going by that, one must finish reading a book every two days, 15 books a month. 180 books a year. This does sound like a very vague optimistic dreamy idea right?

Challenge accepted, as Neal Patrick Harris famously said. Starting from today, I am going to try and finish one book every two days. I have never done this before and I am scared. If you wish to undertake this challenge with me, drop a comment or send me a message and I will add you as a participant in this custom Google Sheet I prepared and give you access with a dedicated column of your name. You can track other participants and recommend books or ask for book suggestions. I have already added books that I am reading right now and the book I have finished reading this month.

Lets see how much truth is there in Warren Buffet’s claims. 😉

P.S. – I will also be doing a brief review all of the books I read. Amazon is going to regret giving me Kindle unlimited subscription for 169/month. 🙂

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