Talking Tiger – Dream log (3)

I’m at my native and we have tigers as pets. One of the two tigers that we have is around 12 years old and is very cute. I try to talk to him all the time, but he never replies. My relatives say, that’s because tigers don’t speak.

However, one fine day I’m sitting alone with him and doing my usual thing – talking to the tiger. He breaks his silence and says,

“You know Ashish, life happened to increase entropy”

His voice isn’t a heavy baritone that films show. Quite the opposite, the tiger sounds like a 5 year old shrewd businessman with a moderate pitch but no depth.

“I knew you could talk”

“Ofcourse I can talk, all animals can talk. They chose not to because humans are stupid and they’d never understand what we are trying to convey. They’d abolish us or exterminate us all, only to realise within a year – our extinction means their apocalypse. All of life is a medium for efficient distribution of energy, in other words – to increase entropy. Life was created for it to end.”

“But why are you quoting Dan Brown’s book – Origin, Tiger?”

Tiger looks at me with a raised eye, the kind Rock did when he was in WWE.

“How do you think we started talking?”

“You are smart and witty!”

“Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea.”

“And sarcastic!”

Tiger looks at me now with a lopsided grin.

“It was great talking to you Tiger.”

“Can’t say the same about yo… ” before he could finish the sentence, someone enters the room.

I like to think he said “Can’t say the same about yolkshire folks, but you are a great person, I had a great time talking to you Ashish”

This is the third installment of the dream log. I try to recall and re create the train of thoughts that occur in my head while sleeping with an occasional flair for drama. Yes, this story actually took my place in my dream.

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