Sheep and Dinosaur – Dream log (2)

The giant train which is as large as an auditorium, filled with people glued to their computer screens is on a journey. The destination however is unknown.

Everyone aboard the gigantic train is playing a game set in a prehistoric era when dinosaurs used to rule this earth and not as crude oil.

I find my character to be a sheep in a very sophisticated computer simulation moving around in a large expanse of grass looking for food. The camera setting in the game is like GTA (3rd person shooter) and on the top right corner of my screen there is a map which shows my character’s location and predators nearby.

The top left corner is a health bar and my character (the sheep) is hungry. I roam around helplessly looking for food, only to find that sheep eat grass and I’m standing on a treasure trove of grass. I get right to it and start munching away.

A few minutes pass by and I notice a shadow creeping up on me, I turn around and see a huge dinosaur who comes next to me and starts eating grass with me.

“How you doin?” It asks me with a mouthful of grass. It was an Ankylosaurus, a grass eating dinosaur.

I’m a sheep and ofcourse my first instinct is to be terrified of this collosal creature but somehow this creature feels warm and friendly. We become best friends and we roam the vast expanses of this simulated universe in search of quality flora.

13 years pass by and I have lived unusually longer than my fellow species. No predator dared attack me when my friend was around and now my time has come to graduate into the next life.

I die a peaceful death and come back as a cow — a step up the food chain, grazing a different field in a different part of the map. This MMORPG* is called Life.

Aren’t we all sheep trying to move up the ladder in our own make believe food chain racing with other proverbial rats feeding off of creatures below our food chain? However, when you do get to the top would you be a carnivorous T rex or a plant eating Ankylosaurus?

This is the second installment of the dream log. I try to recall and re create the train of thoughts that occur in my head while sleeping with an occasional flair for drama. Yes, this story actually took my place in my dream.

*MMORPG — Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

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