I am grateful for where I am in life right now. Life has turned out to be perfect. From working a typical 9 to 5 in a typical corporate, I have finally reached a point where I can work from anywhere, anytime.

As I write this, I sit in a coffee shop, sipping on a shot of bitter espresso while people walk by looking at me strangely like I did once wondering what people with laptops in coffee shops do.

Now I know what we do. The hustle is real.

I set a goal in January 2018 that I have to quit my job for the better by August 2018. It was a firm non negotiable goal. I had to do it.

Come August 2018, I found myself a freelancing gig and before I knew, I was independent from the struggles of a typical job.

It has been more than 6 months now that I am working independently. Makes me think how I achieved this.

I think a major part of this was due to the role my subconscious mind played. I used to listen to the audio book – The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles.

This book changed my outlook on life. There is no good and bad in life. There are only consequences. Cause and effect. It’s all in the head.

This might sound new age mumbo jumbo to you. But I can confirm first hand that this is more than just mumbo jumbo. This is an exact science.

Last night, me and my family had a very thought provoking decision about how the subconscious works. I was surprised by how most members of my family accepted the idea of Subconscious programming being a major part of life.

It was an insightful discussion. Looking forward to achieving my reasonably unrealistic goals this year too. 🙂

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Space and Kindness

I had a very bizarre dream today and I thought this should go on my journal to keep track of the dreams that I have.

The dream starts out with me being a part of a space agency and regularly flying out to Outer Space, just above the gravitation pull of earth. Coming back home, repeating the process within a couple of days. I think parts of this dream were taken from the film – First man.

This dream continues as I go on a pilgrimage with my family and while coming back, the rickshaw driver drops us to the space agency. When we try to pay the driver, he refuses saying he must not accept money from pilgrims. To make him accept money, all of us start chanting a particular line repeatedly till they accept our money – which goes as follows, “Vardani casmo naye deva deva”.

And I woke up. I quickly pulled my phone to check what the chant means but Google could not answer it. I do not even remember the chant now but I wrote it down because it is so bizarre.

I think I should start writing about these dreams more often.

Back in Not Black-Day 19082018

I took a sabbatical for blogging for a while, but now that I am back this feels amazing! i think I am going to stick to blogging for now. I genuinely hope so.

For those who are new, I have quit my Corporate Job and I am trying to make it big on my own because no one ever bought a Lamborghini working a 9 to 5?



Sky repair – Day 118

The sky repairing ordeal cost us a small fortune and two weeks. There was paint, cement, foul smell, weird instruments all over the place. These two weeks were the worst two weeks I have had in a long time. My only solace was the good food we ordered at night on Swiggy because Mom was too tired to cook.

She cooked for the workers and boy, do they eat. They have great diet, maybe because they work that hard.

One of them was supposedly a 80 year old man whose age surprisingly came down to 70, then 65.

Another man looked like he was 16, but he was 40 and had 3 kids.

Never judge a book by it’s cover.

Skyfall – Day 117

The scariest thing happened at home today. Our water tank started leaking and water kept seeping into the walls, making a part of the inverter plug point wet and useless.

To add to that, our kitchen ceiling fell with a loud thud. Luckily no one was in the kitchen, becuase the blocks of cement that fell were huge. Definitely injurious cement.

Next come the painters and the fixers that charged us a fortune to fix the whole house. We just have to see now how long this workmanship lasts.

Oh, our building is 35 years old.

Gargantuan Task – Day 115

It’s been 15 days since I last made a post here and I have so much to share. I have finished reading two books during this period. Our house has been renovated, I have fallen sick and healthy and sick again. I have gained motivation, lost and gained again. I have gained weight, lost and gained again. I have only lost hair though, no gain there.

I have lots of stories and content to share. My brain has lost track of most ideas that I forgot to write down but I do have some that I could write on. I’m now going on a blog post writing sprint at the end of which I will have written 15 blog posts to compensate for the 15 missed days. This is day 1.

See you on the other side.

Leave – Day 113

I took a sick leave today because I was really sick, duh! I initially thought of going to work, but I think I took the right decision. I felt very uneasy throughout the day, because of over eating chicken the previous day. I’m absolutely averse to chicken now, I do not like it one bit!

Unwell – Day 112

I had a little too much to eat tonight. I ate so much chicken. Stuffed myself with more chicken than I am used to eating. My older self would have gladly devoured all of that chicken, if not more. The new me however, could not digest all of that meat and I fell sick.

Ugh, such a bad feeling. Also, I stayed out late tonight which added to the illness.

Unproductive – Day 111

Today has been a very unproductive day. Apart from talking to a startup regarding a job offer, I did absolutely nothing today apart from stuffing my mouth with chicken and ice cream.

I have a plethora of tasks in front of me. Which I haven’t done. I am going to blame it on the chicken. I think chicken is making me very unproductive. I don’t like you chicken. If you are reading this, please don’t tempt me into eating you. I hate you, but I also love you. But I hate you.

Okay bye.